No sound out of Digitone - a first


I am surprised by this one because Elektron hardware has operated flawlessly for me thus far. But today, there is no sound coming from the Digitone.

The Digitone output goes through inputs AB on the Octatrack. The Analog Four also connects to the Octatrack via inputs CD. No problems there.

I tried swapping the inputs, no luck.

Most strange of all perhaps, is that if I turn off the Digitone it plays literally the first half of the pattern and then cuts out to never play again (until I turn it off and back on again, and it does the same thing). Weird.

Latest firmware OS 1.21 is installed.

Just to check, you’re using the valid power supply and not another? Last time I thought something was borked with my Rytm I’d swapped PSUs with my Octa :o

Thanks for the suggestion, but I was using the Elektron supplied power supply.

This morning I checked it out, and the Digitone is operating normally again. Nothing happened other than it got to sleep for 8 hours.

I can’t explain it.

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Always make sure that you - after turning off the DN - wait at least 30 seconds before you turn it on again.

Yo can also hold [FUNC] while turning on the DN and run test mode to see if any errors occur.

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I like to close the loop when the issue has been resolved.

In this case, the issue was much simpler. I unknowingly already had an OB Digitone plugin which already connected to the Digitone in my DAW template.

There was no sound from the Digitone for 2 reasons:

1, that track was muted, so there was no sound over the Overbridge link
2, When the device picks up a plugin (which it did), there is no sound via the audio outputs, since the device thinks it is in Overbridge mode.

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