No sound from Analog Heat Mkii



I have no sound from the Analog Heat Mkii when using as a VST. The Heat is connecting to Overbridge and showing up in the Overbridge control panel, but when i drag the VST on to either the master channel or any track channel, all audio is muted. I can still see audio output on individual track meters, but on the master channel absolutely nothing.

I can also see a moving waveform in the Heat VST when the VST is activated, there is no audio. Additionally when i move any knobs on the Heat, nothing changes within the plugin.

I contacted Elektron support and they initially came back and said the driver may be blocked, but I have followed their steps about restarting my Mac and then navigating to Privacy in System Preferences but there are no blocked drivers. I have also tried changing the audio settings in Ableton’s preferences but no luck.

My setup:

  • Ableton Live 10.0.1
  • MacBook Pro (late 2012)
  • Yamaha Audiogram 3 as soundcard connecting via USB to Mac. Output connected to my Mackie monitors
  • Analog Heat Mk2 and Analog Rytm Mk1 connected via Elektron Overhub (along with various devices… Moog Sub 37, keyboard, mouse)

I’ve read the manual and looks like it’s audio over USB if you use with Overbridge on the desired channel? Similar to Rytm?

Please can anyone help me out? Really want to work on some projects with the Heat.



Bump! :slight_smile: