No New Gear Year 2023 AKA NGNY 2023

I’m in! I just found the 2022 version and am pretty new to the 'nauts. Hello! (Just gonna bring a few things over from my post in there, and some new things.)

Eckhart Tolle said something interesting in A New Earth - “the ego wants to want, more than it wants to have”. There’s a certain energy or tension between where I am now and something that I want. But, that drive often dies down quickly after attaining the thing, especially if the desire for that thing came from ego. I find that if the desire for something comes from a deeper, more genuine place, the pleasure I get from it lasts a lot longer.

Also, the ego’s fulfilment normally comes from the future, based on the faulty belief that the present is not enough, or that the present (or myself) has some kind of lack. “Ooh - just imagine what I could do with that synth!” I love the idea of watching youtube videos of gear that I already own, which got me excited about that piece of gear in the first place. I did that recently and was like “holy shit, yeah, this synth is amazing, I’m gonna do some cool stuff with it!” :slight_smile:

There are two utility items that I will get this year - a DF Audio Minibay to route my gear and fx, and a MCL, to pimp up my MD Mk1. Maybe some audio and MIDI cables if needed. But hopefully no more new noise makers or noise tweakers. I have a few pieces that I will probably sell, too.

I’m willing to check in and hold others and myself accountable, and mention any wobbles I may have.

Last year I uploaded at least an album’s worth of noodling to bandcamp every month. My goal for this year is to create more refined tracks, as opposed to long jams that really only have an A part, with no chorus or changes etc. I’d like to have the discipline to stick with a track or idea long enough to expand it and turn it into a song. I think that focus goes hand in hand with not distracting myself with new gear.

Good luck, folks!



Failed miserably last year. Let’s give this another go :slight_smile:

Apart from two Decksavers that I need and a replacement board for another device, nothing will be purchased.

I can do this! I got this!


Well done man :+1:t6:
Thank you.

I’m gonna sign up. BUT, with the condition that when/if i get a job I will probably celebrate with some modules or a piece gear, perhaps new golf clubs. I dunno. Sold SO MUCH stuff! I am 100% happy with my setup.

As stated I’ve been on NGNY since March 2021, so this March will be 2 years.

But I can confidently say that I have, with the help of NGNY and no job, become free of being a GASaholic.

NGNY, reading what all have been going thru, I believe, is a really great thing.
And a congrats to all who participated…no matter what the outcome was. :+1:t6:


I made the pledge last year, but forgot I did. Then after getting back into playing consistently it’s been harder to resist some temptations, so in the end I got three synths and two utility pieces (mixer and midi controller). The synths were a bit excessive but I’m happy with the purchases.

This was one of my favorite threads and even though I ‘failed’, it’s definitely helped me focus on the things that are more important than buying new things. I learned a lot and finally circled back to the core setup I want to use for a future release, so hopefully that will keep me distracted from the allure of new things.

So, I’ll try again this year.


I shared this article in the 2022 thread, but I’ve revisited it over the years as I find “stuff” from different hobbies and obligations creeping into my life.

2022 NGNY was an overall success for me. I ended up buying 2 pieces that I’d been borrowing from a friend and selling off a few that I realized I was only using because I owned them and felt guilty about them sitting there. Most importantly, I really narrowed down what hybrid workflows get me putting out music consistently.

In 2023 I am going to pick up one specific synth and sell off a couple more that I set aside towards the end of last year. So I’m in, barring that one pre-planned violation :slight_smile:


Sign me up! I think a little accountability will go a long way.

Is this a place where people post novel or clever uses of the gear they already own, or is that too much temptation for everyone else?

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I’m in.


Ok, i’m back again trying to have a NGNY in 2023.
In 2022 i was doing ok until april when my birthday came around. I gifted myself with a new piece of gear and from there on i went back into the gas spiral. It’s interesting how it really works like other addictions.

What was hard for me is having a stressful job and not reward myself with stuff i like. There were evenings when i thought about a new piece of gear and then decided to leave it alone. But when the next day at work was really stressy i thought f it, i’ll get this instrument! I don’t need it but i want to have something for the hard work and making music helps me relax. That’s how i always justified my purchases.

While shopping around i also found some new instruments that i wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. So i’m not feeling bad about it. But i have so much stuff in my studio that i will try to keep it like it is or even sell some stuff. And effectively have more time for making music and calming down a bit. We’ll see how that works.

Time for another try…


Sign me up! I’m confident that I can pass it this year. So much to explore from last year purchases. It will be great way to be productive and quit watching YT promoters too.


Count me in. All selling no buying this year.


Sign me up as well!

I just placed a couple of orders, so technically I already failed this year, but it’s not a given that I’m going to keep these purchases, and I’m taking the pledge to not buy anything new until 2024-01-02 to compensate :slight_smile: Also, I might sell some gear.

(Only exception is if Elektron releases a proper successor to the Octatrack. I’ll buy that faster than you guys can say “overconsumption”.)

Edit: Doh, I forgot that I’ve already committed to buy some kind of midi controller with lots of potentiometers in 2023. So I guess that’s my second exception. Am I still allowed to partake? :stuck_out_tongue:


I had at least a decade of no new gear, so count me out :wink:


I’m in, no need for new gear, got everything I need to finish at least couple of tracks and that’s what i’m going for this year.


Didn’t participate last year as there were actually things I did really need. Tried to get secondhand as much as possible, but this year I think i’m gonna try and stick to what I have.

Currently it’s my Model Samples and Cycles, both running into my new Art MX822, which I got for its stereo FX bus and rack mountability.

Both go to the FX bus which runs through my Rev D Alesis 3630 (with the gate clip mod, otherwise stock but one of the better models) for parallel compression. Just really like the sound and the extra pump and grit and saturation it gives, without the 3630 completely overpowering the mix.

Then the MC822 sends to my DBX 166a bus comp, which is the final output. Everything sans the Models boxes is contained in an SKB 4U rackmount case I got used from a local music store, works great, holds my gear. Everything is pre-wired and so when I perform I just open the box, plug the Models in, and turn on power.

Keeps things efficient and gives me the sound I want, as sometimes the Models boxes by themselves sound a bit flat and it’s harder to compete with DJ sets (and I also just really like compression lol). I also have a rackmount power supply so everything is self-contained and I only have one power cable that needs to be plugged in.

I think I’m gonna stick with this set up and mix everything through it, keep that up for the year and then see if I want to keep using it or change up my workflow. All depends!


Fuckit. I’m in.

Did it in 2020, but I’ll do it again this year. Someone kick my arse if I buy something.


I am in as promised in the previous thread. Last year was pretty expensive and I am totally out of space.

I do howecer have three fully paid pre-orders in, so I’ll get some new things this year, but outside of those there will be no new additions to my studio in hardware form. I might in fact clean up and sell some stuff.

On the plug-in / virtual instrument front I am going to allow myself to only purchasing during major sales events and with a limited budget.


Top 2021
Bottom 2023

(2 modules purchased in 2022 are being repaired and will be returned to the small eurocase. Out of shot, drumkit, Lyra 8, some mics, stands and assorted studio crap)


I’m in. Recently sold nearly all my hardware and bought a new MacBook. Until the kids are older this is my setup.


Im in. I want to do this, and i think Im more dedicated than ever. Really got all need and more, like the Syntakt is making a lot of other gear redundant and overbridge for recording is just unbeatable imo. To me less really is more, but gas is a devious thing. Also is pretty sick of consumerism in general, its not a healthy way of life imo. And this planet is taking its toll. Fight the gas :fuelpump:


And these are my iPad music apps, which I hardly use. So good time to get into them.