No New Gear Year 2023 AKA NGNY 2023

One thing that is keeping me from GASing is the fact that i don’t really have a permanent space for my gear. My music space is also my working from home and computer space. I have a few pieces of gear that i just have to take out and connect each time (with exception of my midi controller which has a permanent place). This is good for GAS but bad for music writing as i have to set up everytime.

In saying that i have been using Renoise for the past year or so and im getting better at doing most of the commands via the qwerty keyboard.


Hi! This past week I got back to a couple of old friends, but in new ways. I recorded a bunch of randomized one shots on from the Volca Drum, and edited them into some sample chains for the Rytm. It’s only the second time I’ve tried sample chains, and the first where I’ve used less than 120 samples. I don’t think the Start and End positioning is working quite how I expected it to, but I’m still having a good time with it. When I first got the Rytm, I expected it to be like my Electribe 2 sampler, but with a crazier sequencer. But I haven’t really used it like that until now. It really does sound great as a sample player

Have fun!


Still going strong! My only music related purchases this year have been a couple of iPad apps (Drambo & Fluss) which in my mind don’t count (gear being a physical instrument).

I’ve been finding that Elektrons recent update strategy has been extremely effective. They drop a set of new DT/DN features and it keeps me entertained (and focused on their devices) for months.


Nice! Still going strong here as well. I’m finding it easier to avoid new purchases as time passes. I feel I’ve reached my goal; NGNY helps my musical focus, eliminates time spent checking ads, and has helped me dive deeper into what I already have. It feels like my GAS for new stuff is at a historically low point.

I’ve only bought a second midi/cv and a couple of midi and firmware upgrades, which is ok for my NGNY plan as it’s only enabling the use of gear I already have.


I had some low key errors of judgement - a volca, a TR-6S… Definitely selling the volca (never learn… Fiddly little bits of tat).
Might keep TR-6S if no need to sell but it seems unlikely I’m going to use it much at this point.

For the moment Renoise seems to have been a worthwhile purchase, as it’s killed all GAS over the last 5 weeks or so, and looking forward (atm)

Not the worst situation at this point, but had it’s ups and downs.


These last weeks I had to make some big purchases.

For work-related reasons, my wife and I have to spend next year living on different places. She is a hobbyist DJ, and we used to share some expensive material: the laptop (we had several, but only one powerful enough to use on music related tasks), and the monitors.

So, she took the laptop and the monitors with her, and I’ve just bought another ones. Moreover, after having a terrible experience with the new laptop (Syntakt & Linux - #6 by joanq), I’ve ended up expending quite a lot of money on a second hand M1 Macbook Pro.

I know that this doesn’t qualify as a “sin” in the NGNY sense, as I need these things to replace my equipment and keep doing what I was already doing, nonetheless, I’d preferred to not have to spend money and time buying music equipment this year.

Also, I want to sell some of my gear to, at least partially, cover the expenses. And this is being hard for me. Even though there are quite a few things I’m not using, it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t have the time to invest in all this amazing gear, so the decision on what to sell and what to keep is being difficult.

On the other hand, this has opened (more) my eyes on what a crazy behavior is this: buying more gear than you could possibly use in your free time, just because it seems cool or other people do amazing things with it.


Sounds like you’re completely on the wagon! Hope everything works out with your new setup.


It is officially over for me. The new position at work requires a longer commute and I wanted something that required no cables of any kind (aside from headphones) with which to make music on the train. So I’ve bought an M8.

So the 2023 NGNY chronicle goes like this: I really did forget to buy a T-8 in 2022 when I sold my Deton8. It was part of my ‘Shitrig’ which I was using fairly regularly to do noise/drone/weird shows. So when I opened the case for the first time in 2023 and saw no drum machine I had to do it. I never considered this a transgression against my commitment as it was preplanned and I had the dough set aside from the sale of the Deton8. Then on the 4th of July I saw a grey A4 in mint condish with the box and all the goodies for $750. I had been wanting a secondhand grey one for a few years and they were all either beat, of dubious origin, too expensive, or sold before I could get in there. So I pulled the trigger on this one and sort of pretended like because the deal was so good and I had been waiting so patiently that it didn’t break my NGNY edge. But that was just me being nice to myself, of course that one was way over the line! Still, excellent purchase. Now this M8 is the final straw. It’s over. But compared to last year I did quite well. I was buying something probably at least once a month throughout 2022 and that was pretty silly. I’m now just starting the process of selling off a whole bunch of stuff and will most likely be buying an Elmyra 2 before the end of this year as well.


I am in the same boat.

As posted before here I bought tons of unnecessary things in 2021/2022 almost every month due to known reasons (impulse buys due to gas/fomo/copium/being locked up at home).

I am glad to report that the only thing I bought 2023 was a Push 3 - I could not resist giving the thing a chance. It was not needed but I also don’t regret the purchase like the other ones.

Now I am selling most of the unused stuff that I purchased I feel relief.

And even if sales are slow because the economy is bad and the weather is still good - it feels good to be off the hamster wheel of shopping addiction.

It is an instructive experience to realize that it is not the gear that makes artistic creation but the attitude to show dedication and create a nurturing environment for inspiration and commitment.

Which is still the hardest part.


How is everone else going?

I’ve been Gassing for the Polyend Tracker since it’s on sale, so hoping the sale ends soon or it all gets sold out. Also been looking at the Opz on fb marketplace, ebay etc as the workflow looks great for a portable device. Only thing holding it back is the amount of build quality issues it has.

Now the woovebox is out and im curious about that too.

All in all, i know that if i buy any of these things, i will only use them for a bit and then it gets packed away or sold like every other piece of gear i have bought in the past. Staying strong on this one and will stick to what i have


Hanging in there, I did buy some speaker stands, but needed it for new desk configuration.
We do not have much longer to go just 4 months!


Remind yourself why that always happens. What was it that you didn’t like about [portable groovebox x] and why did you sell it? Also, share those thoughts here so we can hear it too. :blush:

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Sad GAS ramblings

My GAS has been focused on the same two items in the past four months or so, and the thoughts and conclusions go around in the same kind of circle: Polyend Tracker Mini and/or Ableton Push 3.

Here’s my thinking: I’m having so much fun with the Syntakt, which is about the only thing I currently own aside from the SP-404 mk2 (which never gets any use and should definitely be sold). Particularly the ctrl+all feature of the Syntakt is such an endless source of inspiration and happy accidents. I’ve made more full-sounding songs in the past 8 months than I managed during my two years with the MPC - which, back then, was my most productive period to date. The reason for the increase in creative output is also because I committed to the process of recording jams on YouTube, then mixing in the DAW and moving on to the next idea. Whereas on the MPC, although it was really easy to finish songs there thanks to the full automation and DAW-like capabilities, the songs never left that platform and I didn’t have a YouTube channel at the time so I had little incentive to actually publish (i.e
finish) anything.

However, while the Syntakt has a number of really nice sounding sweet spots, I can’t help but thinking that it’s a bit limiting as a standalone music making device. I sat down with it yesterday to try to recreate a new song that was never finished on the MPC. I immediately missed the ability to easily play nice pad chords, or to dial in a bit more lush and round tones, maybe with some chorus or similar effects. I also struggled with fitting in the sequence into the 64 steps. This isn’t a problem when you make new music from scratch on the Syntakt, but it shows up immediately when you try to recreate something that was composed elsewhere.

More generally, I also miss the occasional polyphonic arp. And even more importantly, I miss the (re)sampling capability which I know leads to so many pleasant surprises - looking back at it, that was probably the most fun part of the MPC.

Why the Polyend Tracker Mini? I’ve always loved the idea of portability and standalone music making devices. I make nearly all of my music in bed (!) up until the point when it’s time for recording a jam and proceeding to mixing. I do wish the Syntakt would have a built-in battery. The PTM does - and it even has a built-in microphone! I’m sure that would be a lot of fun.

But then that would be yet another standalone device that isn’t really doing everything I want it to do. Eight monophonic tracks is even more limiting than the twelve monophonic tracks of the Syntakt. But the idea is then that they would sort of complete each other and that I’d derive more fun from both by plugging them together.

But, and this is a big but, I already know how much I dislike hooking stuff up together. First of all, that totally rules out bedside music making. I can’t stand all the cables and the thought of keeping a song idea across two devices and having to think about how to keep things in sync. I’ve already tried this both with the MC-101 and the SP-404 mk2 and I just know I won’t like that more with the PTM. Perhaps just a tad more just because it’s so small and portable, but the cable mess would be the same.

Enter the Push 3. Now I’m back in MPC land, because this is basically a controller for a full-blown DAW. And it solves my main gripe with the MPC, which is that I never loved the effects on the MPC. Particularly the reverbs felt lackluster compared to anything I could dial in on the Syntakt or my DAW. And when I was doing the mixing, I always felt like I was stuck with a subpar DAW experience (the MPC2 software on the PC/Mac just isn’t a graceful experience) unless I chose to export stems, which was always a massive chore. The Push 3 solves all that because it’s paired with one of the best DAWs in the industry. I don’t care about VSTs and would rather avoid that endless hole of digital GAS (VAS?) and I’ve been perfectly fine with the stock plugins of my DAW of choice to date, Reason 10. I’m sure the stock plugins in Live Suite 11 would be just as good.

The problem? The Push 3 is prohibitively expensive, especially considering that I don’t own Live Suite either. I thought the Syntakt was an expensive investment when I bought it used for around €580. Well, the Push and Live combo would cost 3.5X as much!! And that doesn’t even include the sunk cost of having spent years learning Reason 10 and spending money on that license too…

But then I’m thinking that Reason 10 is really starting to show its age. It’s the last license that doesn’t work as a VST plugin in other DAWs so unfortunately it’s entirely standalone. It’s super sluggish on my top modern MacBook Pro and I’ve always found it annoyingly cumbersome for basic things like sidechaining and effect chains in general. So I’m thinking: maybe I’d be better off with Ableton Live anyway?

But then I’m thinking, what do I do with the Syntakt if I get a Push 3? Would I still jam with the Syntakt on the side or alternate between the two? I remember when I got the MPC, I immediately lost interest in the Digitone and Digitakt combo and got rid of them both. I suspect I’d have a similar feeling about the Syntakt once I had a Push 3 in my lap.

So, round and round we go with the GAS. :blush: In conclusion:

  • I shouldn’t be looking at the Polyend Tracker Mini because it will be yet another incomplete package that I won’t enjoy using as a companion to the Syntakt. But I can’t stop thinking about it anyway because it looks so fun and accessible.
  • The Push 3 seems like the holy grail of “unlimited” grooveboxes, but it’s ridiculously expensive and the thought of shelling out that much for it is off-putting to me. But I also suspect that this is where I’ll eventually end up at some point.

Please help me… :joy::sob:


Personally I find it a bit worrying how this thread - which imo should be about the challenges of how to avoid buying new gear - continues to be a pro/con discussion of specific gear. It’s been pointed out earlier in the thread too.

At the very least, I think we should follow @LyingDalai’s procedure of hiding specific gear talk.


September now, still ain’t bought any new gear.

There’s a few things I actually could say I need, longer midi cables, and some more patch cables, but bollocks they can wait.

My skateboard collection however… seems to have grown a bit…


The moment you suppress one habit it pops up in another area :sweat_smile: I experienced a similar phenomenon in the spring, when my camera purchasing habits went off kilter. Luckily I realized where I was heading, and started on a more sober path… :slight_smile:


Kinda but not really. More like just getting back into skating more, and replacing worn out parts, and bought that board I had been thinking about buying for more than a year. So not skate GAS. :slight_smile:

Nice thing about no new gear year, is I’m even more happy with my synth collection and studio set up than I was last time I did it. Learning more new things with old things.


Good for you :slight_smile:

Yeah I feel you there, I appreciate what I have so much more.

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I think cables and patches are fine, they are required to make things work.


Maybe it’s a bit early asking this, but how do you people feel about NGNY at this point - are you just waiting to “get it over and done with” and start spending again, or do you see yourself continuining with NGNY next year as well?

NGNY has worked out so well for me this year that I’m anxious to abandon a great habit. I don’t trust my newfound “sobriety” quite yet :sweat_smile: Still, I don’t see myself not buying anything again ever lol. Hopefully I’m able to permanenty change my habits to the better and only make well planned purchases in the future. It feels too early to hope for that now though.