No external MIDI = sadness [Functionality added in OS 1.50]

not sure why MIDI is expected on an ANALOG drum machine, or any other analog instrument for that matter… people are comparing the AR to digital grooveboxes/samplers expecting feature sets to be equivalent (???)

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Why not ? I’m sure nobody was expecting audio over usb for an analog device and yet it’s there.

would prob get digitakt if it had some additional assignable outs/indiv outs

Only with overbridge I’m afraid…

Ah yes, good point: something completely unrelated to anything I said :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Read between the lines maybe. Analog is not excluding any other technology or feature. If midi is expected it’s because useful, obviously. And the whole analog drum machine / groovebox dichotomy makes absolutely no sense on a device which can sequence chromatically and even has a bass synth engine.

if you read the quote of simons post earlier up, Seems the analog boxes are not sequences internally using midi protocol but something else. Thus the expectation that external midi can just be added is not all that valid and the lack of midi out does make sense. You can disagree though.

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I know this quote. It’s not about the feasability of midi out on the AR (I highly doubt it could not be done, but sure this would be a lot of work). It’s about feature sets expectations on analog equipment. Any analog equipment, not just AR or A4.

A volca bass is also an analog instrument and yet it can sequence external midi gear. The fact that an AR cannot sequence external midi gear is totaly unrelated to its analog nature, it’s all about design choices. And the expectations one has for feature sets is completely unrelated to the presence of analog circuitry either. About the AR, I think these expectations make sense (yes, a lot of people use the AR as a groovebox, so what ?)

Sure there are analog instruments that can sequence external gear via midi but there are also a ton that can not which I why I said expect to. It’s not universal afaik.

So when I hear “analog drum machine” I do not then think “external midi controller” and I admit it does baffle me why others would expect that. Hey maybe I am wrong not to expect it in 2019 who knows.

I see people comparing to akai samplers and the tr8 etc… “all drum machines since advent of midi”. People are making their assumptions based on digital drummachines/grooveboxes and I believe that’s because of how they’re used/form factor (why aren’t people also comparing to analog keyboard synths like prophet 6 for example)?

It does seem like it’s analog nature actually does contribute to it not being a sophisticated midi out box by elektrons own admission. But I can’t say I understand 100% internal design decisions so maybe I’m misreading that? The important point is that it being analog does seem contribute to the lack of midi.

Hopefully this clarifies I understand not everyone will agree.

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Spectralis does it, shruti does it, monostation does it, medusa does it, minibrute 2S does it… I could go on. Not universal (what is ?), but pretty common.

Sure, vintage analog stuff did not, but yes, it’s 2019 now, different expectations.

About the AR, I think it’s pointless to expect major feature updates on a 5 years product anyway. DVCO was probably the last and it was unexpected.

i would have understould better if you would have made the notation like:
elektron XXXXX MK2 wich is i think what you meant.
sorry that i misunderstould this.

offcourse i bought the device mainly ‘as is’ knowing they don’t midi out.
i still love the machine.
but it comes with elektron reputation and pricepoint that updates are expected. i hope to see more control over sample editting, like a seperate envelope for samples would be very welcome for example.

it just strikes against my hair this attitude that it seems you cant communicate the midi wish in this post. with quite magical thinking argumention sometimes. in think it is also fair to inform potential owners about the status quo. clearly many people assume they do midi out, and there are no ‘arguments’ against that in my humble opinion…

When I was looking for a sequencer, I looked for devices known for sequencing, not drum machines.
I would have looked at a drum machine if it was known for being a sequencer.
At that time looking for devices known for sequencers provided a few popular results.
Cirklon, Octatrack, MPC, Europa, Oberkorn and Yamaha RS type things.
Nowadays I can think of a few more, Engine, SQ-1, Polyend, Pyramid, etc.
Not many “drum machines” come to mind when looking for capable sequencers, I know there are some, but definitely not the majority of them.

I remember getting the AR when it came out. At the time, the Tempest was the only modern analog drum machine, and it was struggling to sequence one external track. Oh yeah, Jomox too

If you were to build your own midi sequencer in Max for Live it would probably inform you that it’s no simple task to just implement a sequencer.

Anyone assuming the AR does midi, made a mistake by not looking into it before hand, especially if sequencing was desired in the first place.
I’d say the assumption would be that a bit of coding would give the AR midi tracks, non existent parameters, disable analog tracks and add new menus

Sure, it would be cool if the AR had it, but only if it was planned. If it were implemented now, how would the interface work? Which buttons and knobs do what, and how do you get to that menu, and within that limitation how good is the sequencing?

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yeah but its a hybrid digital analog drummachine.

maybe you did not expect it because you have not owned and played more than a dozen drummachines and maybe it is because l, my friends and many people that owned a lot of drummachines never saw a drummachine from after the year 1984 with midi sockets that does not do midi out. so we are the one being ‘Baffled’ here actually, no matter how often you keep repeating your reversed logic.

and i don’t know what midi controllers have to do with this.

So when I hear “analog drum machine” I do not then think “external midi controller” and I admit it does baffle me why others would expect that. Hey maybe I am wrong not to expect it in 2019 who knows.

and again:
it is about midi out, not about impleneting a ‘sequencer.’
my examples are with drum machines, i dont know why you like to assume i want something like cubase package added.
it seems you never had a drummachine with midi out. buy a random second hands one, for any amount of many, and check it out, its fun
you be amazed that it can be, quess what: A SEQUENCER.

AR Pads send midi data?
What else were you wanting thats short of sequencing notes?
Which second hand drum machine?
Name one, I struggle to recall, I dont think many have ever been on my raydar?

Which (analog) drum machines have good midi out implementation? I may be in the market for something soon.

the rytm is a hybrid drummachine

not analog

I’m aware, that’s not what I was asking. I’m in the market for a drum machine with analog synthesis and decent midi out. I was asking for a suggestion.

the topic is no midi out for analog rytm though

You literally just said there were a bunch…