No external MIDI = sadness [Functionality added in OS 1.50]

Thanks for your help. I created a new thread. Hopefully I get a real response.

even if some folks here shamlesly and structurarly changing up peoples words, and it is not relevant to my posts at al, i suggest you check the 350 euro drumbrute, that I mentioned before in this topic btw, when correcting another of the many wrong technical data statements that are thrown in for non other reason than making ‘arguments’.

there is also a follow up the drumbrute compact for 299.

i fail to see the relevance of the question in this topic though

You opened up the question. Sorry again. I made a new thread.

Stop arguing that there might be technical reasons that it doesn’t spit out midi. It’s laughable.
As a developer I can pretty much assure you that the only reason for this is that they didn’t WANT to implement it (“design choice”).
Maybe they didn’t want to deal with support issues, like people crying for even more features, a full blown midi sequencer track, advanced configuration, or some issue like latency, compared to the internal voices, etc.


Yep, just what I think. Instead of focusing on midi gear, they chose to focus on modular stuff, (impulse machines on AR, cv/gate on A4) and let the midi out be part of other boxes in their product line.

I’m fine with this, that’s clever product segmentation, just like korg with its electribe2/S (well… the korg case was not so clever), there’s just no need to hide behind technical reasons.

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I have a Drumbruit and it most certainly does output midi!

I have an Engine already. The point is that the RytmII should output midi, not that there are other ways to do it.

I spoke to a guy at NAMM yesterday. Apparently this has been a source of many arguments at Elektron. It most certainly can be made to output mid, they made a design development choice (as opposed to an engineering choice) not to do it.

Good. its clearly what people want.

I have noticed that my AR mk2 indeed sends note output via midi, if i’m using pad keys.
So yeah, this doesn’t look like it’s difficult to implement to also output notes of sequencer - it’s a decision.

So, just adding my comment here. I really miss this functionality. Elektron, please consider adding midi note output! Even with the most basic variant (no parameter lock changes) - it would be so helpful, yet also seems to be so easy to implement…

I use AR with Logic and its a completely hobbled workflow. Creating a ‘song’ in AR is such a tedious process that Im on the verge of selling it. Once thats done they’ll have lost a customer forever.


Did it just happen??? :heart_eyes:

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Just kidding…kind of…


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