No EXT IN Track for the RYTM's Inputs?

I was expecting to use the RYTM’s EXT IN to get some external audio into my DAW (Ableton), but upon trying, I notice that there is in fact NO EXT IN for the RYTM via Overbridge. Why is this? The AK/A4 have the EXT available in the DAW/Overbridge, so shouldn’t the EXT IN of the RYTM be available also?

Thats by design

There is simply no ADC, it is a straight analog connection all the way through compressor - this is the way it is - the A4 has an ADC/DAC so can be pushed through USB

Cant see any great use for ext in implementation as it stands.

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can’t see any use for a free stereo audio in to your analog compressor ? !
Okay, but it’s there and the A4 is plenty hot enough !

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What is it useful for, compressor only? Interested in use cases if you have them. Lucky I have a4 but that input is reserved for mnm currently. Was hoping to drive digital drums into analog effects as well on the rytm side, seems not possible based on architecture.

Oh, that’s rather disappointing. The AK and A4’s INs are already bringing my modular sounds into the DAW, was really hoping the RYTM would be able to bring another set of EXT in. Guess I can stop thinking about an update to make it happen.

The way it is implemented, the Rytm compressor can act as a master compressor for Rytm + any other gear you have.

That’s exactly what is happening in this track, Rytm + Monomachine.


Works great as a master comp


Crap i was hoping i could put my octatrack through my rytm to my DAW.

I think you can turn off “route to main” for all tracks and use main outs in OB only for input from through compressor.

But no way to use internal effects, they will be mixed with

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