Next Level for Analog Keys/Four


That is exactly what the 4 paid packs you speak of are.
Elektron is just distributing them.


Could be, but they are still released and sold by Elektron, not the independent sound designers. And to be honest, I think the community would be much better if independent sound designers shared their patches for free too.


Many do, and those are also available.
FloppyDiskPirates have multiple free packs.

I have no reservations with paying someone for the time they put into creating something, as I myself appreciate being paid for my time.


Yeah, I guess you have a point. Oh well, I hope the next pack doesn’t cost even more as it seems I am in the minority here and most people don’t mind the price hike.

By the way, the thing I remember best about Floppydiskpirates is not that they have free sounds, but the fact that they spam every single A4 related Youtube video comment section with their own ad. :slight_smile:


The two packs I made are free! (Biopads and Low Register)
I’ve been thinking about more, and probably have enough to collect a bank right now, but too much happening in life!


This sound pack is quite simply a testament to capabilities of the A4/AK … If anything you can listen to the demos and find the sweet spots yourself!


I just bought the package, and browsed very quickly. I found lots of presets very good and inspiring, and very well crafted. And as already mentioned, there is 256 presets… I see myself spending a lot of time reverse-engineering the presets. It reminds me a topic here asking how to avoid the typical “dull” sound of A4/AK: there are definitely some answers there. :wink:


Biopads was an AMAZING soundpack! Thank for for generously sharing that!


I’ve downloaded pack and see that the synth patches (Next Level Synths.syx) is the same as “walker” pack - what the f…?


Yeah, some of the patches appear to have the same name?


Same name, same soundpatches as Walker sound collection ;-(
WTF, Elektron, I hope it’s just a mistake


Truly next level stuff if they sell the same sound pack with two different names :slight_smile:


So it seems


Interesting as Walk is on sale via Black Friday and in fact the link was dead earlier. In fact i cant even find that pack now


Now Next Level says that “Next Level contains the previously released Walker soundpack.”

Lol… Maybe that would have been nice to know from the start?


Oh my god. they’re watching us!

But seriously did anyone buy both? Sure you could get a refund


Check your emails, folks.

Anyone who purchased both is being offered a full refund of the Walker sound pack, or a free sound pack of your choice.


Cool. I got twice the sounds for only 5 bucks!


Yup. They certainly didn’t hang around rectifying their error.
I did say it was absolutely disgusting and unacceptable and only a new AH would do as recompense, but settled for a new Octa pack FOC. :wink:
Now that is a Black Friday bargain.
Good work HQ.


Haha always thought those preset packs were a rort.
Next level stuff right there alright