Next Level for Analog Keys/Four

Bring out the warmth and soul of your machines with this excellent collection of patches from Loopmasters. Analog and organic sounds for your Analog Keys and Analog Four that will help you take your creations to the next level. The Sound pack contains 128 drum patches and 128 synth patches. [Get the Next Level Sound Pack in the Elektron webshop](


It’s always nice to get new sounds but I miss the times when A4/AK soundpacks at Elektron site were free… or €10. Hopefully the next one won’t cost €20. :slight_smile:


I think that price is pretty good considering the amount and quality of the sounds.


I am sure they nice sounds. It’s just that some companies release official sound packs for free and I miss the times when Elektron was a company like that too.


It looks like it’s twice as large as most other sound packs. Most banks are just 128 sounds. this looks like 128 rhythm AND 128 musical patches. I like the sounds, I’ll probably be purchasing soon if, for no other reason, than for those percussion patches!


when I first saw this picture I thought a new os is ready for download. :slightly_smiling_face:


uh, the demo tracks are awesome


bought it, its not just only big, but full if cool sounds, maybe the best package for the a4 yet.

yes free would be cool, but i know how much work it is to do really good patches. it takes time and skill and the programmer also has to pay his rent, 15 bucks for this quality package is not too much.


Ugh! I’ve spent too much money recently! But you affirment is going and making me spend MORE!


I’m just glad I held off on buying Codex. I was wavering, but yeah I’m much more sold on this package


Not worth the money I reckon


Already givin it a whirl? I love learning new techniques from good patches.


Miss the times?

Elektron has released two free A4 packs in the last 11 months.


It’s a basic subtractive synth, so easy to program anyway.
Can’t hear anything special in the demos


Yeah, and four paid ones… For MD/MM all soundpacks were free. These are just patches after all. I kind of understand if some independent sound designer wants to charge for their sounds but I think Elektron should just share their soundpacks to people who have bought their synth.


I think these were all third party, and Elektron’s helping them with marketing them


hmm, I think its good, when we get more stuff from third parties for our expensive machines. so 15 bucks is absolutely ok, and when more audio designers are doing more libraries this way, its a win win situation for the users and developers.

in the end it takes nearly the same amount of time to make a good patch, or to record it and sell it as a sample. its something like 7 cents per patch. and this is a very small market anyway, its not like sellin pokemon go berries on the app store, so you cant get rich by sellin patches for synths.

and i dont take this as cheap preset food, but also as inspiration for my own sounds, because I can learn from them as well


I get your point. I just think it would be way cooler for a company like Elektron to share these for free. Other companies do it, just look at the other Swedish synth maker Nord for example.

Because just like you said, the market is small so they are going to get few thousand bucks profit from these packs at most - probably less than they get for selling their synths in one day.

So in the end it really doesn’t make any difference for their business even if all soundpacks were free. Well, except that they might sell a couple of synths more if all the best quality soundpacks were free, since some people are arguing that A4/AK sounds weak and these soundpacks could change their mind about the matter.


i dont own a nord, so I dont know how many packages they are givin away freely. elektron do both, free and commercial, and yet all of their soundpacks were of good quality. I also think that elektron is not making too much profit from sellin their machines. I suppose their margin is quite small, because they dont do sellouts and their discounts are very thin. and the packs are cheaper when you compare it to the ones from native instruments.

i would complain if they were sellin rubbish sounds, but i dont complain, when i get good quality for my money. a happy customer is a returning customer, this is the premise elektron is building their business on.


somebody’s building the machine. somebody’s using the machine.