[Newbie] Double Press [TRACK] key question / issue?

Hello there,

I have just received my new Octatrack Mk. II. I’ve been waiting for it for 2 months: :sleeping: According to my local dealer, Elektron in Sweden was out of stock.

I am a newbie, But I wonder if my Octatrack keyboard works properly.
Actually : to load samples to the sample, user manual prints slots is to quickly double press a [TRACK] key. But I need to repeat this action many time (3 or 4 times) in order to see the “sample slot list menu” on the display of my Octatrack. :disappointed_relieved:

But when I press the [TRACK] keys **one time ** (for all others tracks operations), My Octatrack reacts immediately. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does my Octatrack need to be (already) serviced ?

Firmware version is : 1.31

Thank you for your help,



Congrats on your new purchase! There should be a bunch of wtf moments with it, but don’t worry too much :wink:

However, what you are describing here seems a bit weird. It should obviously work the first time you double-tap (unless you’re doing this a bit slowly?)
Would you mind doing a quick video to show what’s going on?

Hello LyingDalai

Thank you for your welcome message :smiley:

Here a a small video of the issue (sorry for the poor quality) :

double_press_track_key_issue.m4v (1.2 MB)

Actually, sometime the “sample slot list menu” pops-up at the first “double press”, sometime it does not. All [TRACK] keys are affected by this issue. I don’t know what I do differently when it pops-up. :face_with_monocle:

Thank you,