New Yamaha RM1X learning videos


For everyone being interested in the Yamaha RM1X and how it works, you can now watch my newly uploaded videos about how it works, what its capabilities are and what you need to be aware of when buying a used unit. I go through most aspects of the machine and you will learn some nice short cuts but most important on how this box is architected and designed by guiding through several features. I didn’t find that much information bundled across Youtube, so I recorded whatever I wish I had knew before I bought it.

Will add 1 or 2 more learning videos and am preparing a liveset together with the Digitakt and some synths. I have no subscribers nor any plays right now, so be the first dear Elektronauts :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using mine since the 90’s😉

I’d add that there were two distinctly differently bodied models. I guess with different softer versions and possibly preset banks. I’ve got two and have had a few more through my hands over the years, one is a smooth painted blue surface where as the (later?) version has a lightly textured finish. They both suffer the dead button issues from my experience. Fantastic midi sequencers for their time and are still useful today. I use mine regularly.

Oh and the knobs have a propensity to fall off. They don’t grip the pot shafts enough and tend to drop off, especially the encoder knobs. On both models

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It’s interesting how you can approach it with different work flows. I use mine predominantly in real time record and displaying the pattern screen with the 16 slots. I’m also always in section mode, chopping and changing collections of ideas and starting to build up distinct sections. I used to make full songs just using the chain mode before I used computers. I would have given parts of my body for individual outs at the time :joy:

In seriousness I could use it as a scratch pad to build up full songs with it sat on my lap and a pair of cans. That was a game changer for me. Plus translating your ideas to other synths is right there at the midi port, just turn off the internal tone generator on those channels and set your midi channel on the matrix. I always found it intuitive and rated it as the fastest way of getting an idea down until I got the DN.

Nice! The Rm1x was my main sequencer for years. I still have two of them. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve used mine, so I’ve probably forgotten everything on it. This will be helpful if I ever pull it out again.

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ive got one here i dig out every few months, i like the old sounds on it but i havent used it enough to know how to use it.

these vids will help… thanks for posting…

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Excellent stuff thanks.
Love the midi effects on the rm1x.
Went through the rigmarole of replacing all the switches and encoders and fitting a gotek drive so mine is behaving for the moment. I have to admit it’s not been used much since I got the Squarp Pyramid

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When I was a teenager I always wanted to have an RM1X but couldn‘t afford it at that time. Now it feels like I‘m missing some years with it and am really surprised on how much I like it. I wish Yamaha would make a new version with an enhanced sound engine. Wouldn‘t even need any sampling capabilities :slight_smile:


Just ordered switch replacements and am trying to ramp up my soldering skills just for that. Anything to be aware of on replacing them or do you have any recommendations on parts etc?

That was indeed a lovely sequencer. Don’t forget to use overdub mode to effectively have what we now call p-locks.

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It was a while ago now…
This should help
or this.
Just had a quick look on eBay and there’s lots of sellers with the right parts available… That’s where I bought mine (eBAy) although the actual seller I bought from no longer sells RM1X bits.

It’s pretty straightforward. Big old circuit board with easy to access solder points.

On a seperate tip :
This is good (arp tutorial)
as is this and this one

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I never used any of the internal sounds on mine, I only used it to sequence external modules (mostly two JV1080’s and a Roland JP8000).

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Thanks, I just go a Hakko FX 888D and have got all the spare parts. Will test it out a bit on an old board first. Fingers crossed.

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Also uploaded yet another video walking through modes and submodes.

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