New Volca FM 6-Voice


Love the original. Ordered!


I was considering a second original one to make a 6-voice at one point… lol

I will definitely buy this, only thing that kept me from buying the original was the 3 voice limitation.


Nice, I had and very much enjoyed the original and sold it to get a DN. This addresses all the gripes I had with the original and it would be an instant buy for me if I wouldn’t have a DN

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Oh yeah excellent, lack of velocity response and voices were the two things that stopped me getting the first version

Looking to get one as well; i prefer the old DX7 style FM over the Digitone’s FM for some reason.

Does this mean the Other Volcas are going to be upgraded? Hope so.

This makes it a lean mean tiny machine!

“Arctic. Power off.”



Volca FM2

  • “Program Random” - permutes the current patch with randomization
  • 64 patches (previously 32)
  • 1/8" MIDI in/out (previously DIN in only)
  • Reverb (previously metronome)
  • 6 voices of polyphony (previously 3)
  • Sample & Hold LFO glitch bug fixed, should be more compatible with OG DX7 patches
  • DX7 SYSEX compatibility improved: all operators turned on when loading OG DX7 patches.

Less Good

  • Arp isn’t transmitted out the MIDI out
  • No DIN MIDI adapters included

WOW. That’s all I can say. Day 1 buy from me.


Seems like a decent update but the idea of youtubers having to make excited day one videos about what is essentially a polyphony update… well I hope they are getting paid.


I won’t begrudge the existence of DIN MIDI on older gear but I warmly welcome the use of TRS MIDI A in contemporary products, especially on small things like a Volca FM.


pajen firmware likely wont work on the v2, and that makes me sad.


I wonder if this is a reaction to Behringer taking on the Volca Range and pretty much besting them.

I doubt it, mostly just seems like a fairly sensible update to fix some pretty annoying hardware shortcomings.

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Good news, but also typical Korg, nothing radical in V2 :slight_smile:

I did not have a chance to play a lot the original DX7, bu people often talk about some ‘magic’ in the original FM, and for me Volca has the same thing. Maybe differently, maybe with that strange ‘plastic’ color of Volca DACs, but still there is something really pleasant in Volca’s sound. Be it a sound illusion or not.

Unfortunately no changes in controls and for me it was the biggest stopper. It’s just pain to program anything useful…