New & Unsettling


Hi all,
Just finished this, keen to find out what you think!

#exorcist #horrormovie #ambient #darkstuff


I was initially unsure as it starts a bit amorphous and feels weirdly arbitrary in what’s happening but as things start to open up just before the 30 second mark there is a real nice atmosphere and then with the plucked bass (or is it low on the guitar???) from 0:33 the tracks mojo has been found and I really got into it. A sort of woozy late 70s drone but the bits of bitcrushing that come in from time to time give it a more contemporary edge… yeah. Good work! Thanks for alerting me to it.


Thanks for listening & and your opinion! It may indeed be bass – not sure as I culled that from my library of original samples that I keep adding to, in addition to (or sometimes as a by-product of) making tunes.