New to Elektron - Some Thoughts


I’ve been perusing the forum for awhile, it’s an incredible resource. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone here for making it such a welcoming and informative place to visit.

I just picked up an OTMkII after having my Digitone for about 6 months. I’m glad I got the DN first, it’s a great introduction to the Elektron workflow. I assume the DT would provide a similar introduction. I suggest anyone new to Elektron take a similar path as it made learning the OT a breeze (so far). If I’d done the reverse I’d surely have been lost.

I’ve read plenty of complaints about Elektron manuals, especially the OT. I’ve found that the best option is to have it as a PDF on my iPad to facilitate jumping back and forth between all of the cross references. Most of what you need to know is in there, and if you don’t find it, some judicious searching of this forum will likely get you your answer.

I find the OT manual especially interesting. It’s damn near as puzzling and arcane as the OT itself. The pair are a puzzle that require each other to be solved. While it’s at times frustrating, I know the answer is there. This forum serves as an occasional lifeline…

Anyway, thanks again to the community here, you’re appreciated.





I was watching the movie Tenet recently (damn good movie - reveals more to you on repeated watches) - and I couldn’t help but feel like the OT was like, and just as puzzling as, the time mechanics of the movie, propelling forward and inverting objects through time :joy:



I HAVE to recommend something that I thankfully found elsewhere on this board a few months ago. These Mac Pro Video - Thavius Beck walkthroughs on the Octa, Digitakt, and even other audio stuff (Ableton, general mixing and routing etc) have been a god send!

Definitely recommend, it helped me get like 50% more out of the Octa and Digitakt.


completely agree Thavius is really good and the videos were very helpful. They cut the learning curve significantly.

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Welcome to the forum! Don’t overlook the wonderful Merlin’s Guide for the Octatrack either. Excellent resource!

More information can be found in this post here.

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