New Teenage Engineering products

one more reason i wish i were on the beta team :wink:

I’m considering RME Fireface UCX II for just 100 euros more, some of the reasons:

  • Can work standalone ( limited control on the device) .
  • 8 analog channel, any combination of stereo pairs.
  • Quite compact size.
  • Has EQ and compresor per channel.
  • Reverb and delay sends.
  • Can multitrack to usb drive in standalone mode.
  • High quality Audio.
  • Can be control with iPad but not sure if can work as interface for IOS.

Indeed. it should have a stand-alone recording function.

It can. Plus the UCX II has DC Coupled outputs.


Nice! Thanks for confirming.
I read it can work with class compliant drivers which is what works on IOS but they never mention IOS except for the totalMix FX control app.

Check the QuPac: for 1500€ it has a lot to offer ^^

Thanks for the suggestion, looks very interesting but I’m looking for something small.

Wtf! Wonderful post!

This is subjective: I have a Qu24 and the QuPac is comparably prettty small :sweat_smile:
But yes, I get what you mean.

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The K-Mix does this, and it’s excellent.

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I forgot to look at this one that was mention before.

Yes, it ticks pretty much all the boxes, and it’s half price of the UCX II.

I will watch some videos about it. Thanks!

Just received mine… it’s sm00l as fuck. Not nearly as irritated about the small pots as I thought I would be… the effects sound nice, you can’t tweak them but I feel like they sit very nicely in the mix, not overwhelming and not invisible… the hardware feels solid although I have slight wobbles on the small pots, nothing major though… the EQ and compression sound great imo.

Here’s a little jam where I feedback patch Syntakt through the aux output and send the aux return to the aux output, messing with the low EQ adds or removes feedback, so you can play around a lot with it…

Really brings out the good in Syntakt imo. But I’m no audiophile so I wouldn’t really know if something sounds good or not…

Sounds better then any interface I previously owned at least!


And that video with the bag was bullshit. I have no issues fitting the mixer in the bag with the plug still inserted


Great stuff. Those knobs do look a little hard to deal with but I think expectations just need to be set properly.

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Exactly… it’s not ergonomic at all, but if you get into it knowing that and accepting that, it’s no problem really

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Oh I didn’t know there were level lights. That’s nice. Thing looks good, no doubt about that.

Re bag wow so much conflicting information. OK, SO: modular levels or nah?

Nice beat.

It’s funny when I saw the pictures I was so focussed on the tiny sliders that I didn’t even consider the tiny pots! As you rightly point out ergonomics are not the selling point of this device - but I have a suspicioun I couldn’t use it at all - I got stumpy digits!

Glad it’s giving you the sound you want - watching you actually use it is kind of amusing - reminds me of those tiny japanese food videos I’ve seen :joy: CUTE!


Your bag actually looks bigger than the one in the video - I wonder if there are different batches or if they changed it? :thinking:

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haha so KAWAI :laughing:

@xidnpnlss no modular levels. it gets to hot… allthough i did try some clipping with syntakt by raising the gain and i think it sounded rather nice actually… but you know you wanna be able to control he clipping… so no, no modular level


yeah maybe it was… the video didnt strike me as he was trying to be disingenuous