New Sound Bank for old Prophet 08 : )

Yes, I decided to create the whole new sound bank for Prophet 08 :slight_smile: Something for fans of Boards of Canada, Tycho, Tame Impala etc.

The finished project is here, you can see the demo video below. You can transfer these patches into Prophet REV2 too :slight_smile: It took me over two month to create these sounds but I’m happy with the results.


Right on the money. Wonderful patches! Awesome vibes in the demo tracks also! (Now, if I only had a Prophet 08 or rev2…)

excellent as always!

Prophet '08 / Rev2 patches should also work on Tetra.

Downloaded them for my mopho x4/ tetra… works perfectly, and theyre great patches!


If they work on Mopho X4 / Tetra, do they also work as single voice patches on a Mopho Keys?

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That’s a great news! I don’t have theses machines so I didn’t know the patches are compatibile :slight_smile: Have fun!

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No idea to be honest, sounds logical though…

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Yea I took a gamble and downloaded the patches. They work like a charm on my Mopho Keys as well :slight_smile: Great sounds!

would these work for the prophet 12? they sound great. nice work,!

Woow, that’s very good news! Have fun with the patches :slight_smile:

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This is great, this demo is more compelling than a lot of albums. :slight_smile:

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No, the Prophet 12 is an entirely different design to the older-design DSI/Sequential analogue synths and therefore patches are not compatible.

thanks. i figured as much but was encouraged seeing others use these with other models.