New Roland synths : Jupiter X / Boutique JU06a / Fantom

I think it sounds like an imitation. I wanted the 303 to be great so much, but it left me completely cold. Hundreds would happily argue against me (and have), but I know what I hear. There’s no weight, fluidity, or groove.

Completely agree about the 4 voice thing, it’s stupid.

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I preordered the JU06a. I don’t know what it is, but this and the SH01a Turns me much more on than any Behringer Clone.


Yeah I guess I’m just not as picky.

Given the absurd prices Junos go for these days, if I wanted a physical Juno-like synth (which I don’t and I just use TAL-U-NO) I’d get the Deepmind or a Boutique…Maybe two Boutiques so I could have eight voices lol.

But honestly screw that stuff anyway. I’d rather just get an Elektron device :man_shrugging:

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Yes I am extremely picky. But I don’t mind it, stops me buying a ridiculous amount of gear.

I did plump for a £2200 rack distortion over the Analog Heat as it sounds better.

The problem to me with many modern analogue or analogue type emulation stuff is the lack of weight and fluidity. I dislike music without those qualities I think.

I heard all that in the Loopop Video. One osc Type was different, the JU06A sounded even better than the original…
However, the Formfactor, prices, Sound, all that Matches my needs.
4 Note polyphonic is Not ideal, but can be overcome with multitrack recording.

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I agree. Actually, I think it’s in the mix it really shows. All these sawtooth youtube comparisons don’t say much. It’s in the track it shows. They don’t have the body to get that weight you’re talking about.

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Body to get the weight in the track? Thats a question of EQing and mastering. Isnt it? The Rest is Just psychologic. Big Synth=big Sound.

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Wouldn’t it seem the opposite? Like, in a mix you wouldn’t want as much weight / body to make the sound fit better? I have often heard that replicas and recreations of classic synths like the sh01a or tb-03 are harder to spot when they’re in a mix, but when played solo are much easier to spot the lack of authentic sound.

My experience is the opposite. There’s only so much you can do with mixing tools.

But I am a kitchen producer, and also, I rarely let the facts cloud my opinion on these matters😊it’s just my personal impression, right or wrong.

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Okay Community, after years of searching we have finally tracked down the KITCHEN SPAMMER

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You’ll most likely catch me alive🤓

As villains go, I’m the lazy kind.



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For me the JU-06A look interesting, even a rather high price tag.

I bit concerned tough. I had a Roland TR-8 a couple of years ago. One of my biggest problem with that was that I wanted to record Multi-Out audio over USB. This didn’t work well as I also wanted to use another audio Interface (I’m on PC, Win 10 64bit) This worked better on Mac.

As the JU-06A also is an audio interface 24 bit 44.1 Khz, I am afraid that a similar problem could happen.

Would it be possible to “turn off” the audio interface function on JU-06A and just use the synth engine? I still want to use my other interface (and DT + A4 MKII).

Can you just plug it in through usb power through a wall outlet (smart phone charger) ? This way it doesn’t act as an interface, as it is not connected to the computer


Yes, like all the (digital) boutiques, you can run them off a USB phone charger or whatever. They have proper DIN midi in for external control.


I’ve heard some of the boutiques are susceptible to noise when plugged into usb through a laptop or computer also. You may just want to use an ac plug from smartphone anyway.


The Jupiter’s new i-arpeggiator sounds great. Does anybody know if it has a sequencer as well?

You heard correctly. Noisy AF

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The way I look at it is this: I’ve never once said to myself “gee, that 808 kick sure sounds like a sample, doesn’t it?”

Similarly, I’ll probably never say “gee, that juno sure sounds like a boutique, doesn’t it?”


many times I liked a 808 beat in tracks I found out that it was done with the standard drum rack that comes with ableton🙂