New PUSH 3 MPE, Standalone option...out now!

I don‘t think restock will take long to be honest. Everyone who wants one, will get one. I think they would be dumb to not cash in over this inital hype, so production will be on fire. Just a little underestimated I think.

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I gave up DT, but I’m keeping ST just for the point of keeping things simple but you’’re absolutely right… It’s a different process.

Standalone seems to be Session view connected a Push, with less features available than working on a computer, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

The fact that you don’t need a computer is exactly the headspace I’m at and a major reason I picked up DT in the first place.

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How is the OP1 Field coming in at more than this?


Confirmed the buttons are not the same as before. Much better click.


A few folks notes the left/right on the jog pad doesn’t move the letter selector in the keyboard (typing keyboard) - it actually moves the cursor left/right, which makes more sense.


See the following thread for actual user reports. I encourage you to add your experiences and observations there:


Yeah I had the same thoughts and im not a TE basher and own the OP-1F

Just saw that this is user upgradable. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Remember the good old days when you do that to your Mac pro

Kudos Ableton

Ok than Does follow action settings that were set on computer at least play on standalone or is follow action completely disabled on standalone?

I just purchased the standalone from within Australia.
Some of the limitations around lfo’s and such may get to me a little but I already know I’ll be so much more focused on what it can do than what it can’t in its current state.

Does anybody know if they ship from within Australia or will I have to pay a 450 dollar import fee?

Also, how’s the latency with this thing? I wanted to use the adat outputs to output tracks from my pedals into my mixer.

How is the Push like for exploring and experimenting with patterns/scenes? One thing I love about the Syntakt is its ability to completely transform an idea into something entirely different through things like ctrl+all. I found the MPC workflow to be much more linear in comparison, more of a what-you-sequence-is-what-you-get kind of process.

To those who have used these different platforms/instruments, how would you describe the Push in that spectrum between explorative/adventurous (on the Syntakt end) and linear (on the MPC/DAW end)?

Hi Nauts,
so I have got some thoughts about buying the standalone push. If I had a Laptop is there a reason to get a standalone version?
The possibilitys with ableton computer and push as Controller are much bigger. So why to to downgrade ableton live? A PC is only a second box next to it. Maybe it is easier in a way to put your push in a bagg and go to a gig or in the rehearsal room? Who would use the standalone Instrument in his main studio in standalone mode? Did Ableton increase the live jamming workflow? I mean quick mutes of channels and poti turning in parallel to clip launching without loosing device focus.Sometimes jamming with push 2 only wasnt that nice experience like on elektron maschines.

I also ordered within Australia. Got an order confirmation, a tracking number the next day, and a “shipping information received” notification tagged as NSW. No extra import tax. Still waiting on a proper ETA though.

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Hm how do you use ctrl + all to mutate a sequence?

For me the elektron sequencer is pretty much what-you-sequence-is-what-you-get, but its easy to add/remove/change notes/triggers. The push2 is even more what-you-sequence-is-what-you-get because adding/removing notes are tedious and menu-divey

But maybe using add-on m4l sequencers can make more of a less static approach.

I am on the same boat. Will get the controller version at some point. Have an MB Air which lots more Powerful. Standalone is cool but I dont see me carry this bulky thing around. And even if, the later upgrade is fine.

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I would say you have plenty of options for exploration and experimentation, but they are realized in some cases through completely different means. An example of creative experimentation I have used in Ableton in the past is using ‘Clips’ as creative triggers. It’s extremely easy in Ableton to warp and change the BPM of clips, swap around MIDI instruments, and come up with something completely different to even use as a starting point. One advantage you have over Elektron devices in my opinion, is being able to readily save and make your own kits or clips for things like percussive elements you know you really like and want to re-use. They are just far more present versus loading a project on the Elektron, going to that pattern, copy/pasting to pull it out for re-use somewhere else.

What I am trying to say is the more someone uses Ableton (and saves their work as templates) the more of a creative repertoire they build. I think Elektron hardware leans a little harder on the from scratch style.

At this time I would say no for my personal use case.


Follow actions work fine, but can’t be edited standalone.

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I have a suite Do you have any recommended packs for standalone fun?

Iftah Gabbai (formerly one half of Skinnerbox) has a couple of free ones updated for Push 3.

Link in his bio, along with plenty of other goodies :+1:


In my experience with Push 2, it is more on the linear/deliberate side. There’s nothing really like Ctrl-All or Function-No, maybe if you use some M4L devices but again that requires deliberate setup and thought. I would suggest Elektron devices are much more inspiring in terms of happy accidents/random messing around to make cool techno patterns etc., while Push is maybe better for getting an idea that is in your head down (precise sequencing and control). Both have their place!