New power by USB looks cool

This might allow us to take our gizmos outside😎


Perfect! I hope these can be powered by a computer USB port! I’d love to be able to transport just a laptop and a OB enabled box for a portable mini-hardware studio

For Elektrons that aren’t Model:Samples, don’t get your hopes up.

The 12v is Max 750mA which isn’t enough.

And the 6V is max 1.5A (OT MK1 needs 3A)


I have some of these from a different brand a few years ago, as @AdamJay says they won’t be suitable for use with Elektron gear.


Yep, nothing new about that and far too less current output to power an OTmk2 or A4 (both require 2A/12V).

Even if it would be possible to power a larger Elektron device from a laptop USB port it would drain its battery very quickly.

@avantronica thx for the edit :slight_smile:

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@AdamJay on one hand thanks for the information

On the other: Aw Rats!

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Science wins again.


One day I’LL win and science can take that L :rage::rage::rage::fire::fire::fire:


They’re late to the party. With USB-C, you can has 60WATTS of power. That’s what we need.

Sadly, ripcord kickstarter is also nearing completion… no USB-C there either.

O well, it will be just a matter of time. USB-C tech is bound to become very cheap in the near future.

My bad. Should have read the details.


Its good that alternatives to ripcord are surfacing. More manufs working at this means there is a market.

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Nö nö…it must be fake News. The earth must be flat.

Good News, fellow Nauts.

Have had some E-Mail ping pong with the xtpower support about why the do not release a power bank with 6V output. Likely this will not happen, BUT: They are releasing a 12-to-6V stepdown cable that packs whopping 3Amps, so every power bank with 12V DC Barrel will be able to power your OT1, MD, MM on the go. Normal DC Barrel 2.1/5.5mm.

The cable will be available in 6 to 8 weeks for less than 20€. Will keep you updated as soon as I get more info.

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Opportunity for elektron to release USBC cables with the proper barrel

Any news on the release of this cable?
Couldn’t find anything on their website.

I just dropped them a line, will keep you updated when I get a reply.

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Just an FYI here, I’ve been running my OT MKII for months, alongside a Virus TI Snow, both off a 20000mah usb power pack, both with crappy Chinese 5v USB -> 12v DC 750mA adapter cables that were like £7 each on Amazon. I’ve had absolutely no problems at all.

wow, the TI doesn’t draw a lot of power, but the OT sureley does. usually 25W+, not only the 9W these cables usually provide.

have a link to one? would give it a try.

Surprised elektron havent released a battery for their gear. Id imagine it would be a good seller.

Just using one of these. Works a treat. It’s been the sole power source for my OT since I got it a few months ago.

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