New Patterns destroying previous in Project

HI folks, Still pretty new at the OT, but I’ve been working hard and getting the flow down…WAY cool! I am somehow managing to mess up previous patterns with new patterns when I CHANGE THE SAMPLE FOR EACH TRACK. I swear I am saving the new samples to slots further down the chain but somehow the previous patterns are STILL using the new pattern’s samples. Any idea where I am going wrong?

Thanks! Amy

Different slots alone are not enough. When you want different samples (or different machines) on the tracks you need to use different parts.

Parts are like Kits on the A4 or Rytm. They store which machines are used and how they are configured. When two patterns use the same part each reconfiguration will influence both patterns.

I suggest you should read Merlin’s Guide and/or the manual’s sections about parts.

(There are also other methods to use different samples on the tracks like sample chains or sample locks … but I guess that is too advanced for now … the standard way is to use different parts)


The sample slot list is just the pool of samples available for the whole project (128 samples for flex machines and 128 samples for static machines)… The parts determine which samples are loaded into the machines as well as which machines are loaded into the tracks + loaded fx + midi tracks and all the associated parameters.

Try to find the time to read merlins guide and the OT manual when you can. :slight_smile:

As mentionned earlier, use parts !

Each bank of 16 pattern can have 4 different parts. When u used them all, change bank.

Alternative would be to create sample chains and use slices to access them. But if you want to have a delay in pattern 1 / fx 2 and a reverb in p4 fx2 you still have to switch to a new part or when you’ll load your reverb in p4 you’ll now have the same reverb in p1 since they share the same part.

To try to be simplest as possible :

Patterns stores trigs and call Parts. ( 4 parts shared by 16 pattern in each bank )
Parts call machines,lfo and fx [Edited : and 16 scenes per parts which calls different machine and pages setup, like lfos values, samples start, etc…]
Machines call sample numbers in sample list : 128 static ,128 flex + 8 record buffers.
Sample list calls samples and store them in a list…
Samples store slices and modifications commited in the audio editor.

And then Ot rules the world…

The parts also contain the 16 scenes. So keep that in mind. Each part has its own set of 16 scenes. When you copy/paste a part, the scenes are of course copied as well.

I made an edit to add this…:slight_smile:

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