New music - Headache Techno Volume 2

Two techno bangers.

Pay what you like or have them for free.

Both tracks are live cuts of me playing Model Cycles (through Heat), Erica DB-01, Lyra 8 and Quadraverb for FX.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Class mate love that kick keep them coming :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Good job :grinning:

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Kick ass!

Having a lot of hard techno fun with MC+AH here too. Too bad you’re on that side of the Channel. Would love to jam sometime.

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MC just needs some grit on it and it sounds great. It’s so easy to get decent kicks with it and the hat sounds you can make sound really fucking different, in a good way.

Not something I ever thought I’d end up saying, but I really like Dogshit.

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Who doesn’t?