New MFB drum machine 301 pro


Hook up a midi keyboard and an analog drum machine for 150 euros. Wow

This will work really well together with a digitakt, sequencing it and controlling the midi CC, won’t it?


I think so…would also pair great with the OT. :okej:

Imagine it’ll sound great, if a little noisy.

With the cahssis and everything, this has got a nice lab-equipment character haha. Would be interesting to see if a mod for individual outs would be possible, since it’s an analog machine after all.

Very nice though! Just a simple sound generation module, all the sequencing and finetuning to be done via midi. Sounds are a bit simple, but have a very nice character. Had the Tanzmaus once and it sounded pretty good. I think it would be fun to run it through some effects :alien:
Bit odd that the tuning works over CCs and not the standard midi note number.

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Love it.

Yes. I’m all over this.

If the MIDI plays nicely with the Digitakt, I’m sold. Great concept.
What I want to see is individual MIDI channels for each drum voice.

Next the hipsters insist this is bad value because of missing individual outputs :crazy_face:


Got one. Lovely character. And just the looks of it, so lovely.


Looks like they’re harking back to their early days? Weren’t their first modules built into similar cases?

Yep. It’s a nod to their past for sure.

MFB’s character is my favourite for analog drums. This one’s a bargain for what it does.


How are you sequencing it? Any experience of plocking from an elektron?

I’m letting the Blackbox sequence it. I’d imagine it responds really well to Elektron plocking from a Digibox or Octatrack.

I really like all the movement in this synth. You got two overall LFO’s but you can then apply additional modulation to each of the oscillators, and let one of the envelopes be a source as well. The tight envelopes and the modulation are what defines this one, I’d say.

From the website:

MFB-301 Pro is the ideal expansion for MFB Tanzmaus. Combined, all instruments of the MFB Tanzbär 1 are available.

I have a Tanzbär 1 so it does not add anything for me personally.

No individual outputs here (could be important for some). Also, if you are eurorack based, the drum voices are available seperately for that format too and not that expensive (for eurorack terms).

For the price (EUR150) it is a steal though.

LFOs? On the mfb 301? I didn’t realise it had any, that’d be cool.

Oh man, I’m sorry. It has no LFOs. I’m confusing myself, I meant the Club, which I got at the same time. Sincere apologies.

To that point, I’m sequencing it from its own sequencer. I record the results into the Blackbox for further work. Especially the kick and the hats are proving useful, and the cymbal. And the toms and bongas. Snare’s quite nice, too. Hell, I like all its sounds.

I really do think MFB is s much more interesting alternative to all this chasing the 808 and 909 past. It’s along the same veins but with a distinct flavour. And the sound’s been around since the 70’s, so if you want legacy, it’s right there.


Interesting little box. Is it available anywhere in the US? How much of a pain is it to use? I could see it being a really nice drum extension for the Octatrack.

Edit: looking around back, can it be powered via USB? It looks like it has a mini-USB in and says “5 V”. That’s a nice touch. Does it also have a headphone out?