New Machines for your machine

There is no reverse envelope so to speak for the syntakt ? I.e. when i want reverse clap, hat, etc ? (Ok i could make long attack phases, but on a tempest, the actual sound gets inverted.) (Also for the analog part of its sound.)

From tempest manual

Reverse causes Sounds—even completely analog, non-sample-based Sounds—to
play in reverse by reversing the envelopes.

I wonder if it deals with transients correctly. Would it still do the ca-lap of a clap but at the end?

I think with ST you will have to stick with p-locking the attack/decay to achieve a reverse effect. The best reverse effect is going to come from devices that can sample IMO.

I understand the confusion, but yes, the term is used from a technical standpoint. You may not ever refer the 808 as a synth, but technically it is a drum synthesizer.

Anyways, my intention was not to steer the discussion away from the new machines. I just thought I’d mention this detail because I see in the comments that people don’t associate drum and synthesis together, while in fact, in the Syntakt case at least, they relate. It could have only produced drum oriented synthesis and the word “synthesis” in the tagline would still hold up - from a technical standpoint.


Cool metallic Snare!

The reverse effect was /is very convincing on the Tempest, but i cant tell how complex it was to generate it, maybe inversing all envelopses was enough.

Absolutely right, but I think most of people associate synths with melodic gear with keys…

Not my case, I even made drums with Analog Heat !
Analog Heat : Drum synthesis and sequencing

Btw, is AH a synthesizer ? :content:

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Oh yeah, anything that can generate Noise!

I made a Track with the Boum and a Track with the Akai MFC42 Analog Filter.


You could argue that a synthesizer (from Greek “syn” and “thesis”, an amalgamation of sound-affecting modules) is an instrument to create a sound out of different flexible sound components. Other electronic instruments like transistor-organs or preset-sound based drum-machines, while using synthesizer components to mimic sounds, lack control-elements for synthesis. They are not made for active sound creation in the synthesizing sense, hence they are often not described or perceived as synthesizers.
So while Wurlitzer created the first commercial drum-machine the „side man“ based on analog circuits in 1959, for me the origin of all commercial drum-synthesizers is the Pearl Syncussion from 1979 with dedicated synthesis control

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Drums are 909 all the other stuff comes from the Syntakt swarm, chor and raw machines.
No external processing on the Syntakt. recorded the main out over overbridge. sorry for bad timing on the drums.


But it is a drum computer and synthesizer tho…

Genuinely can’t think of a more appropriate description.


THX for that insight. The analog cowbell on track 12 can be actually a very cool synth! :star_struck:

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Love this. I’d buy it on vinyl.

I love the Syntakt update! :stuck_out_tongue:

303 & Kick = Raw.
The little motif = Swarm.

Direct audio from the Syntakt.


Love this! Could be the soundtrack for a new futurama season :smiley:

Just to emphasize, the RAW and SWARM additions really filled some bread and butter gaps on the Syntakt. The fact that folks are doing such varied and interesting tracks using JUST those two machines is telling.

Thanks, Elektron!


I have been scouring the interwebs looking for examples of Raw and Swarm and there are surprisingly few. I’m wondering…

  1. Does Raw track better than the dual VCO despite using the same circuitry? Not sure if that’s even possible or a hardware limitation.

  2. Is Swarm equally ballsy as supersawy (for lack of better term)? When I had a Virus the hypersaw set to a single osc was much heftier than the classic saw.

  3. Any other comments about the new engines? Amazing? Meh? Inquiring minds want to know!

I think I read somewhere that the next (this one I guess) firmware is supposed to improve things. However, there’s always SY BITS as digital alternative if problems would occur …

Edit: Syntakt users: How stable/unstable are your Dual VCOs? - #59 by gcoh

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Jeanne, thanks for the response. I’m subbed to your channel and love your sound and various projects! I read you comment in the past that DN is your favorite Elektron. Does this still ring true still?


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Yes, because the Digitone feels pretty unlimited and makes it easy to create all kind of evil sounds, but also typical analog ones (even though they will be just digital).
It can be really rich.

With the Syntakt, it’s always a bit truffle hunting and can feel like working against the machine to get sounds I like. What speaks a lot for the Syntakt is the silvery sound it can have, the fx drive, the analog square wave, … I’m over the moon that it got new machines, because that was and will always be my favourite thing to get … and I am having a blast with it these days :wink:


Had gas for the Prophet 5 but stuck with the Syntakt 4

3xRaw, 1xNoise, 1xSwarm