New Factory Content for Octatrack MKII


I haven’t tried any of the patterns, I just use the samples.


Hi there, noticed that I was unable to download from the most recent version of Safari in Mac OS High Sierra. Seems to do okay in firefox. Thought I would share for folks experiencing the same problem. Cheers.


Same for me


Any one tried with the mk1?


What difference would you expect? Except for some extra buttons and a different design they’re the same machine. And of course if you own both an MK I and an MK II you will be able to use the content also on the MK I.


The content should be for the Octatrack mk I &II. it’s stupid to reserve it just for one if it’s working for both. In any case we paid the price to get this sampler.


That you should much rather discuss with Elektron than me.


Has to do with licensing.


Some really awesome content in this one. Digging it so far.


I would like to ask to someone who have the OT MK2 registered and have access to the downloading link IF HE can actually download this now ? I tried from half an hour without success it’s telling me connection lost, I tried with Safari (Mac) and Google Chrome (Mac)


will send a ticket support later in the day after trying again to see if it’s a peak in the downloading like too many people to downloading this at the same time


I downloaded the file without issue the 2nd day of release. Only had trouble the 1st day


I don’t asked that @JOB I ask for today : like now if I’m not the only one to have trouble to download it :stuck_out_tongue:


Just tried, no dice. Stops after just a few KB. Now off to my afternoon nap…


ok so I’m not the only one :wink: fine ticket support to get alternative link then
THANKS @Hans_Olo

Edit : I think I will be able to close the ticket myself :stuck_out_tongue: Seem to working at 3:05 pm


working for me, awesome :yum:


Download did not work at home. I am trying again at work.


MK1 users (like me) should be able to at least buy this pack?!


No Luck downloading the Content with the most recent Firefox Version. No luck Downloading with an old Internet Explorer. No luck downloading with Opera. 50kb file downloaded by clicking on the link directly with the most recent Chrome Portable Edition (i.e. damaged File) but finally got it working after right clicking the link and choosing “Save Link as …” in Chrome Portable. Im on Windows 7 here.

Download is running for 1 hour now. Huge Download rate fluctuations all over the place (like going from full speed down to 100 KB/s and up again - literally all the time). This is insane ^^ Im halfway through now. Let it be worth the wait … :wink:


been trying to download.still no luck.any one have any tips to get these files.thanks


I tried several times, over a time period of a few hours, and eventually it worked. I thought it was load-related, but I guess not :slight_smile:

My advice: try a few more times, over a few hours, and if it doesn’t work try a support ticket.