New Factory Content for Octatrack MKII


Also : maybe try a different browser.


cheers will keep trying


using chrome at moment will try other.cheers


so i tried and all it download is a 50 kb zip file i cant open on my mac


You posted in the OT forum for samples (i moved post here) - are you sure you haven’t downloaded a syx midi file for another device - otherwise retry the download if it’s this one - or give more details (and ideally post in an existing thread)


Did u get it in the end?


yeah.after about 10th time.just started to download


I wonder
New Factory Content for Octatrack MK2 working on MK1???




Anything interesting?


There‘s a lot to discover and a lot I like.


Thank you~!!!


Now I wait… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :spider_web:

(mk1 owner)