New Elektron Box 2016

soon! …as always.

Agreed. Seeing this thread continually pop up with no new information is kind of starting to irritate me, to the point that I might just take a hiatus from this place until there’s actually some news.


Ahhh, that is true. “Piece of hardware” does sort of leave things a little wide open… “machine” narrows it a bit.

I hope the way they unveil it is by adding clips to the original teaser. Doesn’t matter what it is, that will excite me.

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Like,style on fleek

This is exactly what the Allen & Heath Qu-Pac has been for me.
22 analog inputs. 18 tracks recording 24bit/48khz to a USB thumb drive.
Usable FX.


Mixers, whiskers…back to wild speculation.

@Accent - same. for a bit too long now, its annoying, anything would be better, like just to know if its a recorder or fx or whatever we would be speculating and having fun about it, now it has turned into stupid spamming nonsense.

social experiment fail


I could see them going in a Karplus Strong/Resonator direction. Impulse from rytm would work with it along with the cv outs from A4. Something like a hybrid of Mutable Rings and Clouds - assortment of effects baked in.

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Analog morrhår?

Beware, there are some italian guys here, and Fica is always analog here…

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Sometimes digital…


Elektron, you really ought to spill the beans. 909 day is coming up and you’ll get drowned out under the new Aira devices hype :-o


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I have Behringer XR12, perfect piece of kit for me, digital mixer and records a stereo out to USB stick. This is touted as a “studio” box so some form of mixer / recorder, done Elektron-style makes sense to me. I used the Octatrack for this a few years back and it was pretty clunky.

I’m kind of over getting hyped about analog for now. So much out there now. Spoilt for choice. Analog Keys. Rytm. Ob-6. Deepmind. MFB dominion 1 + drum machines. MS20. Odyssey. Matrixbrute. Mother 32. O coast. Sub 37. + all the more boutique/smaller companies kind of stuff. Past few years have been non-stop…something affordable that sounded like an OB-6 would be pretty special but I don’t see it happening…

Would just like to see some ideas get refined now - Analog RYTM with onboard sampling. Pumped up OP-1. Octatrack with separate outs and polyphonic tracks. Analog Keys with super knobby UI and ‘normal’ rotary response curve options. An updated V-Synth.

I know some of that stuff IS analog but TBH the best of current digital (Roland/Diva etc) is so close that I’d take any of the above kind of units if it was high quality digital with a ton of features and totally refined, over watered down analog versions missing features or playing it safe. We already have plenty of options there…
Though yeah you’re right, 2016 Roland probably not the company to do any of that :wink:


Yep. Hurry Elektron. If Roland brings a nice little boutique 303 and 808, there goes my budget. Would love to see a new SP in the AIRA line as well.

So. Couldn’t wait any longer. Bought an octatrack again. hope the Setup will be complete for a while. have to stop browsing the Internet to stay away from buying more stuff.
really hope they wont release an octatrack2 though