New Distortion Techno (new synth fun)


Just fooling around with some distortion and a new synth from Patchwerks in Seattle. Plus, I was getting tired of trying to get serious about music. I just hit record and jammed. Check it out :slight_smile:


Big fan of 909s through distortion.


Thank you! Me too!!!





Nice ! Sound like Regis.


Listened again. Really solid stuff. Banging!


Thanks y’all!!! Inspired now to get back to just jamming and having fun :metal:t4::+1:t4:


F yeah - this is banging. If I could make a tune like this, I’d be on cloud 9! Keep 'em coming.


If ever a tune deserved the term banging it would be this one.

It’s banging.



It’s easier than you think. Run your whole drum machine through distortion and some reverb. I built an Ableton rack with 2 chains. One chain is the distortion and the other the reverb. Mix them to taste.

I then recorded a long take with the SH-01A (which is going through distortion). I let the changing synth sound determine when different patterns come in and out.

Then go back and edit the mini breaks and fills.

Literally, just jam. But do it through a lot of distortion.

Thanks again everyone!!!


Nice. Dont forget to really tweak the drum machine mix so the distortion really brings out dynamics and makes the pattern breathe and pump.
Great synth sound by the way


Yea - I definitely didn’t do a proper mix cause I threw the whole drum machine through 1 distortion. Tonight, I’m going to try a new jam but set the levels better, apply some EQ, compression, etc to get the kick hitting right.

It’s interesting how the distortion reacts to what’s hitting it. Interesting results.


I just use the faders on my TR8-S to create the mix. I use overdrive on the master. I like the kick full, hihats and ride down so the kick slams them out of the way. I dont do much processing after that, if any.


Love it !