New Blanck Mass album

Listening to the new Blanck Mass today and really enjoying it.

What’re people’s thoughts?

Sounds like a Monomachine on Hush Money for the heavier lead part to me? Similar sounds to The Knife.


Thanks for the heads up!
Driving home music covered! :sunny:

Hope you enjoy!


I’m loving this!

Not digging the cheesy synth melodies. I liked the athmospheric and glitchy character on World Eater more.

Seems the new album fits more squarely in the industrial category.

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I got the promo a few weeks ago but never listened to it.

This post made me go back to it and have a spin. I’m really enjoying this, there’s faint echoes of Dan Deacon and perhaps also Fuck Buttons. Love them both so it’s easy to fall in love with this too. Somehow this also appeals to the industrial fan in me. People should do more industrial music in 2019.

Edit: I checked my iTunes library. It seems I also have World Eater and Dumb Flesh from them. Probably got promoes of them too back when they came out. Now I have three albums of this great music to get into. Thanks for the tip!

Edit 2: Googled Blanck Mass. Realized why it sounds like Fuck Buttons. Heh.

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Apologies if I’m telling you what you already know, but Blanck Mass is one half of Fuck Buttons, so it’s an apt likeness to draw :wink:


Yup. Stupid me. I have all the Fuck Buttons records and have seen them live in a sweaty small pit in Stockholm.

Well better late than never. I have a new favourite band. Have to check if the vinyls are still available for the older albums.


Bloody great live, aren’t they?!

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Quite near to mindblowing. They played amongst the crowd and not on any stage. It was mad.

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Reminds me of aforementioned Dan Deacon :smile:


Agree with this 100 percent, loved world eater. This one is meh and it’s honestly too maximal and big sounding for my tastes. Very bloated