New album: Erko - Mönster

Yesterday I relesead an album: Mönster - Erko. Inspired by warp records and acidhouse.

Available as a limited cassette or digital download @

Stuff used:
Anlaog Rytm mk2 - Drums on all tracks
Digitone - Pads, blips and blops and as a sequencer
Moog minitaur - basses & stuff
MAM MB-33 - some 303-ish sounds
Roland TB-03 - 303 sounds


GREAT Job! It reminds me the good days of DESSOUS RECORDINGS.

Right up my alley! <3

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Thanks for listening and commenting! Have to check dessous recordings! :grinning:

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It’s a Label

Thanks for the tip, had some nice tunes and artists.

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