Need way to daisy chain many devices via MIDI


Ok so my OT should arrive in a few days but I checked it only has 1-2 MIDI ports so how would I daisy chain 5-6 synths together that have MIDI ports to the OT? Is there a device I can get that has like 10 MIDI ports in/out and way to do this with my gear and the OT? I am sure it is common problem as many have lots of synths in their studio and want to sample/control them from the Octatrack.


Midi thru box?


yeah any recommendations? It would be super great to chain 4-5 synths to my OT.


Quadra Thru.
I have a usefull and old Roland A880. 8x8 free routing.




alternatively …


I already ordered the MIDI Solutions Quadra but probably will eventually need another MIDI box as my synth collection grows so I will keep this in mind.


When you have a few synths with keyboards IMHO a MIDI merger box is more important than a thru box. You can always daisy chain the signal coming from the sequencer, but to combine multiple MIDI streams from different keyboards into a single one so your sequencer can record whatever keyboard you play you’ll need the merger box.


many thanks I will definitely keep that in mind.


If you’re going to MIDI sync that many devices, is there any upside to introducing something like the E-RM multiclock for more solid sync, or is that not necessary?


Basically, I have 13 synths I’d finally like to have all connected via MIDI and ready to roll whenever I want to turn a particular synth on. Constantly rewiring is a creativity killer. I want all the synths connected via MIDI and running into my mixer. What do you think is the best solution to get all this set up?


Probably depends what you’re using as sound modules and what you’re using as controllers. When you want to mix synths as controllers and modules it becomes a bit of a pain. Otherwise just hard assign them to channels 1 through 13 (assuming no multipart synths) and hook them up to a midi thru box with the rest chained on the through ports of another synth. Sometimes really really dumb and simple is the best.