Need help with connecting gear to external soundcard


Hello everyone.

I have analog 4 MK2 and Rythm MK2 , sound card focusrite 6i6 , Alien Heath Xone92+pioneer cdj 900nxs2+technics mk2 , arturia keystep and monitors Alpha Focal 65 .
Can someone help me to understand how do i unite all this equipment together ? Wich wires do i buy? Sometimes i play mixes on internet radio, so it would be perfect Not to reconnect the sound card to mixer everytime i want to play, please explain me how to do that if it possible ofcourse.


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Oh man let’s try again, and rephrase my legitimate question so I can hopefully provide further advice.
Have you by any chance read any of the manuals that your gear would have come with that should provide information concerning how to connect the equipment?


Yeah but it’s difficult for understanding because i’m russian and i’m afraid to do something wrong , that’s why i was asking for help.
The main issue for me is how to connect ARMk2 +A4Mk2+Keystep >Sound card. Do i need to connect them All by Midi ? Or it’s better to connect all the gear to Mixer and Mixer to sound card?


Hello, you have to explain us what you intend to do exactly with all that stuff, or it will be difficult to help.


Well I’m planning to make elctronic music with Electron gear . Xone92 , pioneer and technics is for playing music only. I just want to connect all this gear to my soundcard, but don’t understand how. I hope you understand me , if not please ask I’ll try to concretize it. Sorry for bad english i’m doing my best.


Keystep via single usb cable to your computer.
Elektrons connected via usb to the computer.

Mixer output, analog rytm main output and analog four outputs (that is 6 outputs i belive) going to the 6 inputs of the interface.
Read your manuals to know what type of audio cables to use (at the outputs of your devices and at the input of your soundcard).

Audio interface audio outputs to your focal

For this type of setup you have to launch your audio interface to hear what is coming out of thr mixer, is it ok for you?


My advice is to hook up one thing at a time, make sure it is working, then move onto the next and repeat


Need to check this setup , thank you very much. If i connect A4 midi out to AR midi in and AR midi out (or midi thru) To soundcard midi in it will work ? this setup need less wires and could be more compact if it works.


Agree, but first need to find out wich wires should i buy, they are bit expensive for me don’t wanna loose money.


Looks like i messed up with sound card, it has only 4 line inputs and 2 inputs for digital audio (SPDIF) wich are not suit for analog signal if i understand right. So there is a problem to connect all the outputs… Do i need to change the soundcard in this situation?


Plug your AR outputs into your A4 inputs, and merge the signals together, then send them both out of the A4 outputs.
Will save you a set of inputs on your audio interface


Oh thanks god, I was ready to upset because of this stupid SPDIF inputs. Now i have to learn how to merge the signals together and buy some wires.


And what about Midi in and out is it possible to connect them together thru this port?


If you have no idea (sounds like that…) NO Problem as it was the same for me a while back, draw out the system in a paint program with each piece of kit resembled by a box. Post up the picture and get people who do know what they’re doing to draw the lines and name the cables (audio/midi/etc) that join everything together.

There’s usually a few different way to do this depending if a PC is part of your setup or not and what will be the master controller and where the sampled audio will come from/go to.

You can mix down many channels of audio with the (audio) mixer the output of which could go to your sound card.

There’s so many options…too many…

Good luck and post up that image.



Let me add another advice here along the same line: take your time. You didn’t pick the simplest of setups to start, especially if you are new to all this. I suggest taking it slow, taking the time to read about the concepts other people talk about and that you don’t understand. Navigating blind is a sure road to frustration, and what you want is the opposite :wink:
Good luck friend !


Hi there,
Big thanks for good advice, Here you go))

PC Will be a part of my setup.
Friends, Please feel yourself free to draw your vision of wire connection.


You are 100% right my friend, i was to hurry and already feeling frustrated:(
But now i’ll take it slower as you adviced:)
So many information, don’t know what to read first, jumping from one topic to another, it’s taking a lot of energy.


Looks like nobody likes drawing …