Need advice on a trade

Tell that person “you crazy”.

I haven’t seen Elvis yet so it would be a big nope from me!

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Unlike the other commenters I don’t miss my Machinedrum. It doesn’t sound particularly fun to just have an OT, though. Do you have other equipment?

I could never sell my Machinedrum. I love the immediacy and fun of it! Don’t sell!!!

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Don’t do it

I traded a Digitakt plus for an Octatrack mk1 straight up and was very happy with the trade but I can’t imagine adding my Machinedrum to the deal (even for an MK2). The Octatrack and Machinedrum are a great combo.

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I also do not like the sound that Mutch…
This is my rack:

Unless absolutely certain, never and I mean NEVER trade or sell an Elektron box. You’ll end up with instant regret and buying it back again. So don’t let us persuade you. You’ve got to be certain.


I also need some advice on a trade.
I have a Kaossilator Pro +. Is an Akai Mini AK worth the trade?

What do you use the Machinedrum for?
What would you use the Octatrack for?


I use the machinedrum to get over the lack of a song mode of the digitakt.
But right now I just didn’t use the machinedrum that much so I’ll definetely keep both machines and will try to create some beasts of drumsets. Any tips for the machinedrum ? I found the sind kind of „hollow“.
Merry christmas all :slight_smile:

are you crazy? The Digitakt is superior for your needs (mainly in the MIDI tracks!!)! And the MD …no comment… just keep both!

Just couldn’t get that much out of the machinedrum.
I find the sound is quite „hollow“.
You have any Tipps ?
Definetly will keep them and use the sps 1 with more affort to learn how to integrate it

Sequence MD with OT! :wink:

Many tips here :

I’d say try to layer sounds (RELATE > TRIG POS), use lfos on CTR AL machine, sequence MD machines with it’s midi tracks with random lfo on notes (midi loopback)… buy a UW…:content:

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I completely agree with this.


Who knows, it depends which is more useful to you. I had one of those green KAOS pads, which i never thought i would be able to get rid of, so i gave it away. Looking back it kind of could do some cool stuff with midi looping but it was so limited in the controller aspect. But IMO Akai mini controllers suck almost equally so idk. Try to trade for some other korg gear with midi! :poop:

It’s the only Elekton box of the old set I do not have. I have seen Octos quite cheap ($1100au) but I am yet to pick one up. My introduction to modular has put a stop to any outboard gear purchases. One day I will grab one.
Cheers for the tips.

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Get back to the raw sounds of the MD. Like the basic GND Machines. Get the manual out and get to know the MD’s Machines, how they work and what they can do for you. Samples work great but not as well as the Machines in the MD. Try using multiple LFO’s on a single channel. Use lower setting for movement.
Don’t try to overdo it with the MD. It’s simplicity is where the beauty lies. Like holding the Function button and changing all channels with any setting that can be altered by a Data Entry Knob.
I would use the Digitakt for samples. You can also control the Digitakt with the MD MID machines as well.
The MD is a machine that rewards you when you dive into the manual and learn what is inside.


Don’t give up on the Machinedrum! It’s an excellent piece of gear. It rewards patience and experimentation. Try and tweak the Dynamix Compressor, it has a significant effect on the overall sound. Especially with the way individual sounds interact when playing simultaneously. Also clever use of the LFOs can help change sounds or add movement.

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