Need a midi out vst


Dear all,

Now that Vcv Rack has a host plugin, I really woul like to control external, non-Elektron hardware from this. Is there a VST where I can send midi data into and which sends midi data to any audio interface?

Google failed me on this.



I may create one for you quickly, but I only have PC atm, so I cannot compile for Mac.

Notice that I would do direct output to the interface, so it’s very likely you would suffer some small timming variations due to plugins natural behavior (they can be minimized forcing the host to use small buffers if posible). They also could be minimized using another experimental technique, but it would request a bigger time investment in the development.

Is this ok for you?



this is very geneous. I only have a PC anyway, so thank you. Looking forward to this, interacting VCV rack with external hardware will be great.



Any good?


Ok, I’m currently out of home. I’ll build it as soon as I came back (few hours). If you want to join me to Skype to preview your plugin before, my skype id is liquidproj3ct


All links are dead.



I compiled in VST 2, 64bits. If you need another version let me know. The plugin is quite simple: just select the midi out from the list, and that’s all. It will save which one you used to recall when you load the project from your host.

Do not try to switch your MIDI Out while notes are sounding - it could produce some infinity notes on your device - since I didn’t prepared the plugin for this problem or any panic call!

Let me know if it works for you!



thank you. on what channel is the midi data send?



I the same channel that’s received. I could easily add a channel filter or conversor if you need.


It works!

I am just running Marbles and Pulse sequencer in VCVrack into your plugin and into 0coast, getting audio back into reverb, creating a never ending ambient soundscape… Music from the alien mothership, or Bach under the influence, I don’t know, sounds great.

Many, many thanks!

VCVrack has no midi channel (it is all virtual CV), so I assume it is Channel 1 by default. The 0coast can listen to two midi channels, so a feature to select an output channel would be really an asset.


Yes, I will prepare you a selector. This afternoon after my work.

You will select a channel number and all the midi will be converted to that channel. Is that what you wish?

I’m not sure, cannot check os specs right now but I think a midi port only can be used by one process. That mean that you only can use only a single instance of this plugin each port. Anyway I have techniques to overcome this in case this happens


Yes, a selectable channel would be great, and some ability to send on different channels. I am totally at loss whether this is actually possible - and why there does not a single VST on the web that provides what you have programmed.




Here is a new version. You can (optionally) select the MIDI channel you wish and all events will be converted to that channel. I wasn’t able to test it with my DT (I don’t have it with me right now), but I’m quite sure it’s working fine.

Remember: Do not change settings while you are sustaining some notes, the note off will not reach your hardware and you will need to panic it.

If you have any problem just reply here.

The reason no one does this is because the MIDI Out management, it’s quite bad using it from a VST, because locks and timings. It hasn’t any problem if you manage MIDI Outs from an host application, but for plugins is… afjaffdlkashflf :smiley: