Nedavine - MnM as DRM

Tried using the monomachine as a drum machine for the first time. This was the result. All percussion is the MnM no samples in the OT only midi and a bit of reverb for the MnM assigned to the crossfader. Also theres a nice little video bonus for those that make it to 3 minute 35 second mark.


Making me want to buy a MnM!

I really like the glitchy percs, it creates images of steam punk machines whizzing and whirring away.

have you gotten into tejada’s stuff?

peep the glitchy percs on this track, it was done using the MnM as far as i know

Bit too housey for me but some great sounds. Much better programming than mine lol. I’ll have to check out more of his stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

This is what caught my eye about Tejada. Nothing crazy, but hearing the elektron version and the album version is interesting.

album recording for farther and fainter:

tejada rehearsing the same track live:

can’t wait for a better version of his performance at night of the machines. Super interested to hear how he added/removed elements in the live setting.


Thanks, I’ll check it out at work today.

Cheers man.

Sounds really great!!!..some good digital swing in there.

Really nice job - as usual :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile: .

Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. First track I’ve made in a while. Been in a bit of a rut.

nice track. I really like it. Good work with the MNM percussion.

nice track!!!

Thanks guys. Nice to be out of the rut… for now :wink:

Dug the track, Ned. Was the MnM used for anything other than percussion? I assume some of the synth lines were A4, but wondered if they all were.

Also, you mentioned the OT was used for MIDI … did you sequence it on the OT or the MnM?

I would say you are “out” of the “rut” Ned!

I was also wondering if you sequenced the MNM via the OT, or not.

*same as Dubathonic ^^^

I have so many half finished tracks. I really need to buckle down and make some recordings and post too.