Nashville, Tennessee Recommendations

Heading there for a few days soon - any Elektronaut’y recommendations? Coffee, music, food, art, etc. Thanks!


The most Elektronauty place that springs to mind to me is the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, which is definitely worth checking out for the views of the city, but it was running a constant Eno-esque ambient generative soundscape at a certain spot when i was last there… apparently it’s generated by the water hitting the bridge below.

Music shops tend to be more guitar focussed, but Carter Vintage has a nice effects section on the way in where some interesting synth relevant gear appears.

Third Man Records is close to Carter Vintage too, that’s worth a visit.

East Nashville is cool, especially around Five Points. Lots of eating/coffee places there and you’ve got The Basement East and The Five Spot venues there that will have gigs on if you check the dates beforehand.


Thank you!

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