My new Machinedrum-only album and liveset

Thanks for listening!

Yep, it’s just the Machinedrum and only one machine-type (GND), which offers basic waveforms (sine, saw, pulse and noise). Pulse I haven’t used that often but the others I’ve found VERY useful and versatile. Sine for kicks, rimshots and plucks, noise for hats and saw for pads and leads.


Oh, what a work :pray:
Very well composed, nice sounds, you really bring the MD in ambiant glitch territory with maestria.
Beau geste


0.11 might be my fav with 0.04
Love all the little rhythmical noisy hi-hat-like sounds.

great work!

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Noise for pads is an interesting concept I haven’t thought of that I‘ll have to try.

Purchased, right now on BandCamp. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC :pray:t2::star2:

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Very nice!!! I love the mood especially on the Power of Five. Well done!! :ok_hand:

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Thank YOU!

Only now I had the time to start listening to your album in it’s entirety.
So beautiful and moody. Really very very good and inspiring.

I’m completely broke atm and I’m guessing you know exactly why hahaha.
When my balance gets repaired a bit I’ll surely buy this.
Also v cool that you donate the money for Oikeutta Eläimille.

This will be perfect music to listen to while painting.


Nice to hear the MD in this way. Good work.


Very inspiring sounds and composition, I love it when our distant elektronaut friends on this forum pull it together and perform magic :slight_smile:


Thanks again to everyone who’s listened / commented / supported the release, it means a lot!

I think the true magic here lies in the work of the devs of the X.04 (et al). Much of the stuff I ended up doing on these tracks was literally made possible by those firmware updates.


For those of you who prefer to have something to watch while listening, I just uploaded the liveset on Youtube. Unfortunately no live footage, however, as previously mentioned. Maybe next time.


I purchased your album on bandcamp a few weeks ago but never popped back on here. Just wanted to say how great it is, I hope you are proud of it because you should be. I think the album shows a great mastery of the instrument and has some really nice textures and melodies.
The Machinedrum has become my favourite Elektron since I managed to get a MKII non-UW last year, just before the prices exploded. Feel very lucky to have it now.


Thank you so much! I’m really humbled by your comment!

Needless to say the Machinedrum is my favourite Elektron, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So beautiful - so awesome!!! Thank you sooo much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Great motivation to spend more time with the MD …


Wow. The 22-minute liveset is not only some of my favorite MD music ever, but it’s one of my favorite ambient releases generally. I discovered it last night while trying to catch up on MCL developments and ended up listening to it on repeat for a couple of hours straight.

Great work and looking forward to your future efforts. This is the most persuasive argument for using X.05 and MCL I’ve come across yet :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! Really glad you enjoyed the liveset!

In the liveset I didn’t use the MCL yet, it’s just the Machinedrum (in X.05, using song mode) through Analog Heat.

The X.05 firmware continues to be a huge inspiration to me as well, so there’ll be new MD music eventually for sure!

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I wonder how I missed this album, it’s really beautiful, congratulations @korpinen!
I really love your spirit, too :thup:


Many thanks for the comment and support! :heart:

Also just started with a new Machinedrum liveset this week. Might take some time as I don’t have a live date booked (yet) but that’s the plan anyway.


Love the minimalism and rawness of this.
You can feel the Soul and ‘Machinedrum Love’ all over this album :slight_smile:

Great work!

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