My midi issue per track

Hi there,
i’m using the OT’s sequencer to handle six tracks of midi MM, but the MM freeze when the OT is set with different length per track.
Is this my issue or others have noticed the same problem?
Can anyone suggest a solution
Thank you for your interest

I don’t have a clue, and haven’t experienced a similar thing, but I may will in the future (I have only OT, no MM), so I am curious what will come out of this thread…

…but with same lenght tracks it works?

since both sequncers are pretty much the same, why do you trigger the mm external in first place?

why not let it do what it can do…?..if the handling would be the same anyway…

and a simple midi clock could be all u need between them…

ur missing out completely all plock capabilities of the mm sequncer this way…

and ot definitly rocks external midi gear that don’t come with their own seqencing options…

did u ckeck the different track lenght setting in the mm…?

reeloy thank you for your interest ,

even though i would have preferred some answers rather than questions…
I’ll explain anyway:

I prefer to create long sequences of generative music that I can use especially with the rhythm parts, i really like to use lfo on the notes and their length especially randomly often with the arpeggiator,

so have different lengths for each track increases the possibility of variations on the arrangements. As you say the two sequencers are very similar so i don’t understand why in the same length works and with different length no, (firmware upgrade for MM would be greatly appreciated …)

what I’m trying to do with the OT, I did it with ableton and reaktor so I just wondered if it happens only to me or someone else has found the same limit.
I just have to try to keep on MM 64 steps for all tracks and use the OT per track with master 64.
reeloy you’ve ever tried to use the OT as midi master?

Ciao reeloy,
i’m playing on.
is working fine right now…
I’m having fun
as soon as I get the sound card we can listen to what I mean…
in the meantime
thank you so much for your interest

I’ve got a midi problem when my OT slaves my MD. This problem is explained here: Stickies / MD bug

It occurs only when the OT is set “per track”.