My first Techno release using elektrons!


Hey all,

I just wanted to share my first release using elektrons. I produce and perform using Octatrack, Analog RYTM, and Analog Four. I record most of my tracks live multi-track using Overbridge then track each OT track one at a time. Some FX, EQ, and compression from ableton live 10. Not sure who did the masters on this, but I was happy with it I might ask the label so I can use them in future.

Let me know what you think !

A local radio show played Blackfisk a little while ago:

Also my friend played both tracks from the EP in his DJ set last thursday ! So nice of him:

Cheers !


I like it.


Nice work!


Thanks so much !


Cheers !


Nicely done sir! Excellent tracks!


Great work these are well done and very intresting tracks… cool


Great work, and please tell your buddy I dug his set!


Sounds good to me! Nice production :wink:


Thanks so much I will !


cheers ! appreciate that :smiley:


Thanks so much ! appreciate the feedback :smiley:



you sound like half of Berlins burger joints at 2 am

and thats a compliment! : )


Bit Crush is a really timeless piece! cudos man!


Thanks so much my friend ! :purple_heart: Means the world