My first full length: Atacama


When I traveled from Salar Uyuni in Bolivia to Atacama Desert in Chile the idea to work on an ablum came in mind. After nearly 4 years of work It has been released on friday. I call it music for traveling between ambient, dub and techno.

You can listen to the snippets on soundcloud

or stream the full album on bandcamp

Beside some field recordings of places where I have been, I used also my little modular system a lot. Totally loved the W4XT mode of Mutable Instruments Braids. And ofcourse also Analog Rytm and Analog Four sounds :slight_smile:


I also made 2 videos for the Album. The videos were shot during several trips.




Really nice tracks. I love the videos. Such beautiful locations.


just catching up with these. enjoying what i’m hearing so far and looking forward to digging deeper!


When I was recording my album Atacama I often stayed in the studio untill the morning. On some days I could see the sunrise over my hometown Dresden. One day I brought my camera to the studio at KOE25 for some timelaps. On this day I also recorded the birds singing outside, which you can hear at the end of New Dawn.

You can see the famous Frauenkirche Dresden (Church of our Lady), the old castle alongside Semperoper Dresden and ofcourse some construction sites.


Great tracks, really like your dub sounds!


Beautiful works! Enjoyed the videos too!


thank you :slight_smile:


On my way from Atacama Desert to Santiago de Chile I stayed at Pan de Azúcar Nationalpark for some days. On the beach I saw amazing wildlife with lots of funny sea birds, little lizards and some plastic waste. So I took my camera and shot some video clips.


Really dig it :wink: nice whole album