My digitakt has just arrived!


tell me the first steps to do ?? I just turned it on … I have to download some configuration for the IOS system … true ?? help me: D:rofl:


Read this


First steps?

Get off the Internet and play with it.


Love this thread haha


Actually, the first thing that I would personally do is update the firmware to the latest. It’s possible that the unit doesn’t even have the master compressor if it’s an early OS.

Then I would plug in some headphones, and start playing with it as others have suggested. Try out some of the single cycle waveforms, try out some sequences with parameter locks and conditions. (though these might be better left until you’re good with the interface)


actually I have to connect everything again…i downloaded the file transfer from the elektron site…and I have to update the firmware again…the high seas are!!:sweat_smile:


I flock with it



I did this Digitakt on the way, and the wait is killing me!

When I got everything set up, the first thing I did was make a new project, and make a few patterns to see what this thing can do.

I spent the next few hours just exploring the “puzzle” of everything and had a great time.
If you want more guidance, the manual is excellent, and there are a ton of Youtube videos to get you rolling.

You will have many cycles of “wait, this makes no sense!” then “wait, this is cool!” (at least I did).

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I haven’t been able to use it yet due to the lack of adequate jack cables … :frowning:


The first thing that I should have done when I got mine was make a blank project. Still fresh to the brand and Digitakt, myself.

Go through each track, hit src, rotate D knob to off, repeat. Save the project as blank or whatever.

You could also import as many samples to the memory as you want, then as many as the project will hold. You’ll have to get some more stuff in there at some point. Then do the blank project save.

And if you need some samples, get at least the two free sound packs from the Elektron site. They’re pretty neat.

Im addicted to this box.


I started cheating as soon as I have some free time !! I wanted to ask you a couple of questions … how do I connect it to ableton 10 … and if using the “chromatic” function can I record using various different notes, for example using a synth?

ps: I’m still on the high seas … I think I only understood 5% of the features.


Read the f… manual!