My Behringer Model D only track

I picked up a Model D last week after having a brief twiddle on a friends and being suitably impressed. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed! It got me onto an old theme I’d played about with before, namely writing a track around one synth. I’ve done that in the past with a good few of my synths but none of those track have ever been exclusively one synth.

So I set about trying a few ideas out with no real direction. A few evenings later and I’ve got a track laid down…Still without much direction!

As mentioned everything is Boog; kick, snare, hats, FX the lot. I built up the track by over-dubbing in Presonus Studio One Artist (I’ve only been using it for the past few weeks so I’m still on a learning curve there) using native VST’s (because Artist will only run native VST’s!). All round I’m quite impressed with the range the Boog can cover and I’ve only really scratched the surface.

Sequencing was a combination of the onboard sequencer on the Roland System 8 and of course my trusty Digitone.

Edit - I dropped a few notes out of the lead line that I’d stuck in at the last minute and I’ve tweaked a few levels. Better mix now uploaded.


You are demonstrating Very good use of synthesis, impressed and very nice :+1:t3:

Thank you! :grin:

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This is really cool! Never thought I’d think about picking up a Model D for percussion haha


Welcome @Multitester to the forum. Thanks for your kind words! I stayed fairly simple with the pattern as I wasn’t trying to focus on any one particular part. I found it really cool for percussion and really straight forward too. I believe it’s a trait of the D and the original but a lot of the decay control is compressed into a small part of the knobs rotation. Makes things a bit trickier but not undoable.

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You have good taste. I especially like the bass line, and as another post eluded to, makes you think twice about the Boog. Keep it up, you’re heading in a good direction.

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I noticed this with the Minitaur and other Moog synths as well. I thought it was a bit of my own imagination.

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I’ve not done any more with it since I uploaded it here. Might tweak a few bits here and there but I guess it’s pretty much done. I had fun making the track so I might make another in the same way. Maybe with the Boog again. Digitone etc would be a bit too easy given the greater number of sounds available right out the box (not to mention polyphony). BassStation 2 is looking like a likely candidate!

I’ve just been playing with a few bits and changed the link accordingly.

I wouldn’t tweak anymore. I would move on, from personal experience. You know what I mean (not saying this casually). I would save those MIDI bits and I would write down the Model D settings. I’m not sure if you’ve studied music, but good taste is good taste.

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Yeah good point. No, no formal music education apart form drum lessons as a kid. I taught myself everything else from basically picking something up and plugging away. Studio is the same; I used to buy SOS and Future Music and leaned a lot form there in the pre internet days.

There was a bit of the lead line that was doing my head in, had to tweak that! All pretty much done now. Any polishing will just be levels, no extra parts needed.