Muting/unmuting multiple tracks at once is unreliable


When I had my DT this would always happen, it was part of the first batch from April/May 2017.


BTW just submitted a ticket and also sent a link to this thread so they see I’m not alone with this issue.


Another person here having this problem :raising_hand_man:. I can’t reliably mute more than one track at a time esp during playback. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard a mash the buttons…

I hadn’t noticed this problem until somewhat recently but I’m not not sure if the problem appeared after an OS update… I don’t think the newest OS solves this issue (although I would need to verify that).


I got my DT March 20th of this year

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On my DT, if you press 8 trigs at the exact same time for mutes it misses a few trigs ~50% of the time.
The workaround is that I’ve already trained myself to roll my fingers so that I’m not hitting lots of trigs at the exact same time (plus it looks cool :)).

The number of times I mute 4-8 tracks is rare, so I’m really just more curious what’s causing this.

Tonight I want to test if this is also true for audio triggers on my DT.
I’ll set each trigger to the same sample start but different length, record hitting the 8 trigs at the same time, and see what shows up in the recording.

EDIT: OK - I just tested this, and audio trigs are perfect. No matter how many I press, they always work.
My guess is that it’s how often the mutes are polled by the key handler … just a guess.

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I gave this a try when I got home and all 8 muted with no issues.
I did it 20 times and everything works as intended.
I purchased my DT last November.


Been having this issue since 1.04


This happens on mine too. Purchased April 2018. I figured I just wasn’t pressing them correctly/hard enough/in time/whatever…


A couple days ago I got a reply from support, they said this has been passed to the engineers to look into. Let’s hope they do fix it in the next update!