Musicians face execution and torture

The rapper and musician Saman Yasin has been sentenced to death for making music and speaking truth about the murder of Mahsa Amini.

Another rapper under arrest and reportedly being tortured and possibly facing death for his music is Toomaj Salehi.

In this video Toomaj speaks directly to the repressive leaders of Iran.
Now you want to give half of Iran to China, and the rest to Russia.

These are only two. There are thousands of other people imprisoned and possibly facing death for seeking freedom in Iran.


Puts things into perspective.

I should probably calm down a bit about Royal Mail not delivering my new monitors yesterday.


similar stuff happening in Russia as well, artist who speak against current russian situation getting arrested and tortured, some run away and get their citizenship stripped, some haunted abroad and “die by (probably assisted) suicide”…
for example one of the most famous pop stars Alla Pugacheva (huge star, like Celine Dion famous in russia and CIS countries) recently fled russia to avoid being arrested.
the world is crazy and with the access of internet to global news we get a real close look at it…


And Oxxxymiron.

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yep, and his friends and Zemfira and lots of others… freedom of speech is truly a luxury that many people cannot afford.
my grandfather grew up in post WW2 USSR was a part of the Communist Party, he never wanted to be any part of it but there was no option, if one wanted to have a job and a some normal life they had to play the game.
Long after USSR broke he was still afraid to speak freely about government or anything politically related over the phone with his friends and family in fear that “someone was listening and you never know who”, he was afraid that someone (agents) will arrive any minute and send him to somewhere east to camps / prison.
imagine living all your life in fear of saying one wrong thing and spending the rest of your life away from everyone you know working some labor job in the middle of nowhere…

and it’s crazy to see nowadays that little has changed…


Three more Iranian rappers. These three are all living outside of Iran. They must, they would be arrested in Iran.

Salome MC

Justina ( Farima Habashizadehasl )

Bahram Nouraei

Rap is a music of revolution in Iran. They do not hold anything back, they speak with courage — as do all the young ( and old ) that are resisting in Iran !

Justina has also worked with Toomaj :


News about Toomaj.

He is facing death.

Man FUCK that government! I cry for the beautiful people of Iran and it sickens me seeing the footage and news coming from the streets of Iran. I inform my students about whats happening in hopes that they spread the word to their friends and family. These peoples strength during struggle is harrowing.


It’s not just Iran…

Think about Snowden and Assange…


I get that but in this particular thread I’m focusing my disdain towardd the Iranian government. I’m well aware of the sub-par performances of the majority of this planets governments.


These guys are heroes. Sacrificing themselves for human rights.


Not rap — but this song shows the power of the word. The song has been taken up as a anthem to the protests in Iran. The singer and creator of this is Shervin Hajipour. The words to the song Baraye are composed from the tweets of protesters in Iran.

This video has the English translation below it.

After the video went viral in Iran, Shervin was arrested, held, forced to repudiate the song, and has now been released pending his trial.

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Not rap – but this too is very real.

Ukrainian singer Jamala has been put on the federal wanted list, you know where, on unspecified criminal charges.

She is the singer who performed the song 1944 at Eurovision in 2016 and won. ( video )