Music (for babies) to fall asleep to

Any recommendations for some very chilled, slow, evolving arp / sequence music for babies to fall asleep to? Or maybe some beautiful chilled piano music or other chilled classical too. Thanks.


reminded me of this (wrt being famously utilised in some maternity wards) …

a little off-brief but won’t harm to consider it


You could try the snugglesounds app from Dominic Hawken. There’s a variety of different sounds so you could try different ones. This is intended for all ages, both for sleep and relaxation. It’s completely free.

Manuel Göttsching - E2E4

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Music for Airports by Brian Eno worked EVERYTIME for my litt’lun.
So much so, he’s 11 now puts it on himself if he can’t sleep.
Sleep Better by Tom Middleton and Relax Better by him also.


Thanks, I tried Eno’s Ambient 1, Loscil’s Endless Falls (which is one my favourite albums) and that ambient bonus CD Moby did years ago, but he doesn’t seem to like any of them.

He seems to like some of the more straightforward piano stuff by Nils Frahm and Reich’s Piano Phase.

He also likes Ava Maria - but it gets a little dark at points.

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Fabio Orsi :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll take a look

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Thanks - but a bit too hectic

Are these by Tom Middleton as in Cosmos or just a namesake?

I have played this piano mix hundreds of times for my kid to fall asleep to (he is now 6yo and I still play it sometimes):

Also, Suso Saiz did an album last year with a track on it called ‘Anti-stress for Babies and Families” :slight_smile:

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Raymond Scott - soothing sounds for baby.

Electronic music from the 60’s made for babies.


No troll but I will put interviews up of audio engineers like Chris Lord Alge in my YouTube playlist and knock out after 15 minutes. I wake up every morning trying go into an SSL 4000E to fix my mixes too. He’s got one of the most zen voices for me to hear.


Playing Sigur Ros very loudly worked surprisingly well on my newborn son 5 years ago!

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Thanks everyone. Lots of drone-y stuff here. He seems to get freaked out by drones if he wakes up. Was looking more for some really simple chilled out sequences, no drones no drums etc. Just simple repeating patterns. Maybe the kind of thing you could make just using an A4 or an evolver with some really slow LFOs.

This forum is dead serious lol
(still waits for merzbow recommendations) :slight_smile:

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What about Ulla Straus ‘Big Room’, chilled and repetitive: