Multiple kits one pattern?

hello, i made 4 kits with both samples and synth engines, and now i want to use them all in one pattern, how do i do this ?

thx in advance

As one pattern always has exactly one kit attached to it, I think you need to copy the pattern.

Edit: maybe I understood your question wrong. You can of course manually switch from one kit to another one using the same pattern.

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No way to automate kit changes inside a pattern. Either copy & paste the pattern to a different slot, change the kit and save the pattern. Now you have two identical patterns with different kits.
Or save individual sounds, copy them into the sound pool and lock them per step.


yeah i have 4 different kits, one with some dual vco bass notes, one with default drum machine synth sounds, one with only samples tweaked and twisted, and im trying to mix them all or some of them into one pattern, and based on you guys answers i guess thats not really how the machine works,

You can always try to resample and layer, of course…

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You can make it work, but it takes some patience and planning to fit everything within the machine’s limits. :slight_smile: Look into sound locks for starters.

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ok thx alot guys :slight_smile: i will keep at it

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use sound locks if you want to bring in extra sounds periodically

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After reading this I want a “kit lock” feature in scene mode. Haha.

If you copy the pattern, set a new kit and then use DIRECT JUMP pattern mode, you could do “kit-locks” manually. You could automate it by using another sequencers to drive the AR, sending PRG CHG messages when you want a change.

Well, I say this, but I don’t know whether DIRECT JUMP works this way when syncing/changing patterns externally.