Multiple external MIDI controllers

Hello, someone have multiple external MIDI controllers at the same time used for the OT?
I have for a Faderfox MX12, I’d like an external keyboard too.
Someone manage to do this? Is this even possible?
I own a MIDI splitter, 2 MIDI INs and 1 MIDI OUT, but its designed to choose one at a time a MIDI OUT.
Also have a MIDI THRU box. 1–>8.
But I though about a MIDI merger : 4–>2 (from MIDI Solutions?). Anyone have that?
Thanks in advance.

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Of course it is possible.

But before rushing out to buy a simple midi merger I would highly suggest to carefully think twice if you wouldn’t want/need some more flexibility than just pure MIDI merging. Filtering and selective routing of MIDI messages is quite powerful.

Examples of midi routers with various additional features:

Of course these boxes cost more, but don’t underestimate the usefulness of such all-in-one solutions.


Also the Retrokits RK006 is very good at this and very tiny

Your Faderfox MX12 can already merge incoming MIDI messages with the data generated by the MX12 itself, as described by the routing section of its manual. You don’t need to buy any more equipment.


Unless this input gets already used to sync the controller’s internal values to the Octatrack via “All Audio CC” requests (prevents value jumps). At least that’s how I use my Faderfox EC4 … YMMV.

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I have an anlog four AND the octatrack controlled by the MX12. Preset 22 I chose.
Can you clarify what section of the (succinct ^^) manual do you refer to?
Well at least, id like a keyboard controller, Im not really sure about that purchase, cause for now I use the Poly D’s via USB in the DAW.
Lol, sometimes, MIDI, USB, and whatnot can really make my eyes bleed))

By “routing section” I meant the section on routing on page 12 of version 4 of the (English) manual, downloaded today from Faderfox’s website.