Multichannel USB mixers


I’m looking to upgrade my mixer, and I’ve found one that I like a lot: Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

It has all the features of a traditional analog mixer, while also providing a multitrack USB interface. Before I decide on this one, I would like to check out the competition. Does anyone know of any other mixers with the same traits?

  • 8+ channels
  • Gain/PEQ/Fader strips
  • AUX sends
  • Multitrack USB


This is a good one, fella!

I would’ve picked up this had I not got the MX-1 before it’s release. The MX-1 has more options available when it comes to a one man band live jam going ham. Once it hits the desk there are even more options to play with the audio with the Best FX and Master FX.

After a year or so of steady use I am familiar with all of the EQ options but if it’s a straight forward mixer you want the Soundcraft will probably be the wisest choice.

As a side, I almost bought another MX-1 this week… but then I thought of the slapping I’d get from my wife and it wasn’t long before I walked away.

I think a good bit of info to share would be to tell us what you will you use it for? What’s your set up? Are you a mix engineer recording bands? Do you need it for all of your toys?


Thanks for the feedback, will check out the MX-1.

My use case is a home studio, simply connecting various gear and just jamming. Then occasionally I will (hopefully) record into my DAW (Ardour), and multitracking seems much more convenient. If I understand correctly, you can even put insert FX on the channels via the USB.

EDIT: Further research revealed this alternative: PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB


MX-1 is best as a live mixer in my opinion, and also really you need to be bought into the Aira and/or Boutique ecosystem to an extent, because four of the stereo inputs are “Aira Link” USB inputs.

I like it, and it does what it does pretty well, but multitracking into a DAW isn’t its strength. It will do it easily enough, but the levels come in very low for some reason. I find it needs a lot of gain. You also can’t record the FX return channels, only the individual channels and the full master buss with the FX return mixed in.

In my opinion it needs a proper master compressor with envelope sidechaining (not step sidechaining) and better FX per track (things like chorus / flanger) and then it would be great.


I like the dimensions of the Midas MR18 (or the way cheaper Behringer model Air X 18 which have inferior preamps) - only the UI is ugly imho … I am waiting for an an overhaul and won‘t buy something with a crappy/ugly UI… The Behringer is down to like 350€ … and is completely MIDI controllable (love this feature!)


Don’t know if you will find anything on the market that does everything the MTK does. I have the bigger brother, the 22 MTK. I have had it for about year now. I wanted it for the same reason you do( a multitrack USB interface) and I could not find another mixer that did the same things as the 22 MTK anywhere in it’s price point. Perhaps something has come up in the last year since I purchased but I am very happy with my mixer(on board FX’s are “fine”, but doesn’t matter as I stack as many VST effects as I want per channel). I also really love the EQ’s on sound craft mixers.

Someone asked me on the “Your setup” thread about my mixer and this is what I told them :

The build quality is pretty good. I don’t think I would take it on the road or anything but everything feels pretty good I don’t foresee it kicking the bucket anytime soon. Nothing is too plasticy feeling. Fader have a good amount of travel and I love the EQ’s. Nothing is too wobbly. Overall the mixer feels heavy and solid, especially for the price you can get them at! Feel as good to me as a Mackie, A&H, or Behringer in the same price point(but without as many features!)

Hope that helps and happy mixer hunting!


Im about to get the 12 mtk, on paper it should be perfect for me. Question for the owners: how low is the signal level when recording? I’ve overheard a few negative comments on that regards, saying that when you record multitrack the recorded level is a bit too low


Just curious as to how many tracks you can record simultaneously on the Sound craft 12 MTK through usb?