Multiband compressor plugin

Can anyone recommend a good free multiband compressor with sidechain input? (Vst or rack extension)

I know I can either build one or automate an eq instead, but its a bit fiddly for rough mixes.

Do you have ableton? Theres multiband dynamics thing in there. That does multi band compression and expansion. Only three bands though from memory.


Nope, just using Reason at the moment. Will eventually be doing the final mixing in either Sonar or Cubase which i believe do have them but not keen on rewire or bouncing out tracks until then.

Did you browse the combinator presets? There could well be a mulit band compressor already made wait for you.

There was one last time I used reason, but that was reason 4… some time ago.

Xfer has OTT which is pretty much an ableton multiband compression clone (well, a clone of the OTT preset). Really don’t know how in depth you can get with it or if it’s got sidechaining as I just used either Ableton MB or Fabfilter MB.

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Couldn’t find any but i ended up building a simple 2 band combinator patch - hopefully will get the job done for the moment

Update: Works quite well, built-in Reason eqs weren’t so good for bandsplitting because the slope is too shallow but a good third party eq with appropriate filters (I used Brainworx bx_digital) does the trick. Can allocate a single combinator knob to control the crossover freq - would’ve been nice to see the value displayed without opening the plugin window but can’t complain too loudly since the price is right. And I can add as many bands as needed!

Had a quick stickybeak and couldn’t find any mention of sidechaining which is unfortunate because ive heard good things otherwise