Multi Map to sequence multiple sounds simultaneously

So after much confusion, I managed to set up multi-map correctly so that I can play different drum sounds on different keys on the digitone or an external controller.

I can now live play multiple sounds at once, but how do I get them onto the sequencer trigs? what am i doing wrong?

now press rec+play and start your finger drumming.

oooh you mean I can’t sequence it like with chords from a keyboard, it has to be live playing?

Yes, you are able to record the sound locks created with multimap in live recording.
In grid recording mode you just could p-lock different sounds.

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Or with midi loopback where you will even be able to put multiples “notes” on one step

you mean in grid mode i can only record one sound at a time?

i’m not sure I understand (I’m just starting on digitone) - would this be programmed in grid mode, or also played live?

You can only record one track at the same time, the active / selected one.

In live record, you can record multiple tracks simultaneously.

Here you sequence a MIDI track via grid mode (up to 4 notes at a time), which then plays back one or multiple tracks depending on your MIDI map via MIDI loopback.

For this loopback you need the MIDI out port connected to the MIDI in port of your DN.

Then you could “live record” the MIDI track output back in the sequencer again. See it as you are using another sequencer to sequence your DN this way.

So it can be done, but in my humble opinion, it’s way too complicated :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, but what I’m trying to do is record two (or more) sounds on the same track, ideally in grid mode or else the mode where you hold the trig and play the notes on a keyboard

haha, i still don’t understand what the point of this would be - you mean in order to get the playback perfect vs doing it by hand?

but i still don’t have an answer (unless i missed it which is possible!) to my question:

is it possible to record two different sounds simultaneously on one trig via grid mode, or else via the mode where you hold a trig and play a keyboard with two different sounds via multimap mode?

No, not on regular tracks anyway, only polyphonically trigger multiple notes of a single sound, but you can do two sounds at once by putting down two trigs and shifting the 2nd one all the way left. So long as there are available voices, the note values are different, and the steal mode isn’t set to Retrigger they’ll both play at once.

With MIDI Loopback you can sequence the Multi Map via a MIDI track and this is probably the more ideal solution.

OK to make sure i understand, what I’m doing with loopback is sequencing my midi controller which i’ve multimapped, as if i’m playing chords with the same voice, and then recording it in real time as it plays back via the midi input?

I’m not sure that would work as you’d probably lose the polyphony. The idea would be to use the MIDI track as your polyphonic sound pool triggering track, not to try to record that into a synth track.