MS to sidechain DN - is my plan correct

Hi everyone,

I may very soon purchase a MS, something I would want is to have the T1 of MS to trigger a modwheel LFO enveloppe of the MidiT1 of the DN looped back to its AudioT1.

It may be possible as MS midi out sends notes and is also midi thru, but it would also send a unwanted DN midi “note on” to an audio track so here is the idea :

  • MS T1 send note to DN Midi T1 (which is Midi input Channel 10)
  • DN Midi T1 sends thru note + triggers modwheel LFO to DN midi Channel 1
  • DN midi Channel 1 is audio track 1 but is also Multimap with target track 4 (one percussion track, which would helps to manage voice counting on audio track 1 (synth track)
  • The note does then rather trigger the Multimap on track 4 + the modwheel on track 1
  • The multimap patch would be a C0 note on a silent patch (volume = 0)

Do you think its possible ? You may have a better Idea ?

Thanks for any input :blush: